And on the 8th Day…God Made a Realtor!

Here’s a funny video one of our clients, Mike, shared in our private mastermind group the other day.

It’s something all of us can relate to, because the type of work YOU do on a daily basis requires a true appreciation for delayed gratification.

Every small sacrifice, every no show, and every lost deal you experience along the journey is simply another seed you are sowing towards a better future.


9 Tips for Staying Focused & Getting the “Right” Things Done CONSISTENTLY

I was recently asked a question, and I want to talk about it here, by a student of Client Alchemist who is working through our Audience Attraction Academy.

Her name is Tina and this was her question:

“Okay, this may sound silly, but I’m wondering if I’m the only one that struggles with time and seeing through the program… do you have any tips or tricks, tried and true methods for a schedule that helps keep consistency? I feel like when real life, family, appointments and current transactions get in the way, I’m playing catch-up all the time. I really am committed to this.”


You Won’t Believe What Hitler Has to Say About Zillow…

“Disclaimers…who actually reads disclaimers!?”

It’s funny but true, Zillow isn’t always the most accurate when it comes to home values.

Which can lead to a lot of confusion and frustration when your prospect is looking to list their home.

And it often contributes to an equally awkward conversation when you are the bearer of bad news.