What Maeve from “Westworld” Thinks of Zillow

Fans of the show may get this reference.

Remember when Bernard tried to buy leads from Zillow in the Season 1 Finale? No?

Bernard was not getting ahead in the real estate business so he started buying leads from Zillow. The problem was, the leads weren’t any good so he just ended up back where he was a little broker than before. Remember?

Maybe it was my imagination. But here’s her reaction, anyway.


This Mistake Could Be Costing You Leads (…and it’s NOT what you think!)

Quick question for you. Do you have e-mail forwarding?

Do you have a professional e-mail address from a personal domain?

You DON’T?!?!?!?!

Do you WANT your leads to think you’re a peasant???

I’m going to be talking about E-mail Forwarding today, how it works, and why you need to get it today.

You may have read a little bit about this in a previous blog post by Josh where he mentioned that E-Mail Forwarding goes a long way towards making you look like an expert. I want to go a little bit more in to how E-mail Forwarding works and why it’s so important. It may seem like a little thing at first but it makes a big difference and today I’m going to show you how.


If Will Ferrell Became a Real Estate Agent

This is a story about Will.

Just 2 weeks ago Will got his real estate license…yay for Will!

And like every new aspiring agent that gets started with the ABC Realty Company, Will is immediately instructed to build a list and start reaching out to friends and family.

Will is beaming with excitement and he goes to work right away.

But after a couple short months Will’s list begins to run pretty dry, so he schedules a meeting with his broker to discuss next steps.


How Client Alchemist Puts Pixels to Work for You

Nate Kalbach here, Client Alchemist’s Social Media Manager, and I’m here to expand on a topic we touched on briefly in a recent blog post: Pixels. In the third part of our four part series outlining the Client Alchemist Way we mentioned pixels and where they fit in to that process.

There was a lot covered in that post and we didn’t want to throw too much at you at one time, but now I’m going to be explaining what pixels do a little bit more thoroughly.


4 Secret Real Estate Codes And What They REALLY Mean With Ellen Degeneres

I love Real Estate. I love to buy houses. I like to sell houses. When I buy a drink, I like it to be on the house.

I’m always looking at the real estate listings, but you have to know how to read them because they use these secret codes.

They put in things that seem positive, but they’re not.

1) “Potential”

Translation: The yellow mold could potentially turn in to black mold.


What Trump’s Presidency Could Mean for Real Estate Agents

It’s official. Donald J. Trump will be assuming office in just a couple short months, and many now question what this could mean for the future of the housing market…

And what impact will the leadership of a real estate mogul turned president of the United States have on real estate agents across the nation?

These are valid questions, given that little attention was actually given to housing policy or the market in general during the campaign.


The Chicago Cubs World Series Victory: Joe Maddon on the Power of the Process

Josh Schoenly, co-founder of Client Alchemist here, and for those of you who don’t know, I am a big sports fan and ESPN Radio junkie. It’s the best reality TV there is.

One of my favorite radio shows is Mike and Mike. I listen to it most every morning and the other week they had the Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon on their show.

As most of you probably know, the Cubs recently won the World Series for the first time since 1908. The interview I’m going to be talking about today took place a little bit before that.


Hard Sales vs. Servant Selling (i.e. The Client Alchemist Way)

Nate Kalbach here, some of you may already know me because I’ve helped you set up your PipelinePagez or maybe I’ve done your Domain Mapping and custom e-mail setup. Glad to be here with you as a blogger for Client Alchemist, today.

I wanted to talk a bit about the 4th part of a four part series that we just did. They were the four steps of the Client Alchemist Way: Step 1: Identify, Step 2: Attract, Step 3: Connect, and Step 4: Converse.


6 Simple Tips to Dramatically Increase Response to Your Communications

Hey, it’s Josh Schoenly, co-founder of Client Alchemist, and today I’m going to continue walking you through our 4-step protocol for systematically attracting your ideal real estate client at will.

In previous parts of this series we’ve talked about Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the process, which are:

Part 1: Identify – “Identify” who your ideal client is.
Step 2: Attract – Figure out how you’re going to “Attract” that ideal client.
Step 3: Connect – How will you “Connect” with them and lead them into Step 4 of “The Client Alchemist Way.”
Step 4: Converse – We’re going to cover this fourth step today. We’re talking about how to “Converse” with your clients in a meaningful way.