The other day we received a message from Paul.

Paul has been a member with us for at least 5 years now. And he’s somebody who has consistently taken action with the principles we teach.

Nothing out of the ordinary… no hidden tricks or secrets.

Here’s a bit of what Paul had to say to us:

Hello there. As you know I have been with you guys for many years. All of your programs from back in the day where you guys did campaigns etc. I have made well over $100k from you and continue to make at least $5-10k a month.

I am making about $8 for every $1 spent with Facebook in areas 1 hour away. Down south I am posting boosted ads for my page, “Washington Down Payment Assistance Program,” and I am getting engagements for $.02 for about $.50 for regular ads only on mobile. Its awesome!!!!!

Now as I mentioned above, there is nothing that makes Paul special or that places him in a unique position to be more successful than any other client we have worked with.

That is, except for 1 MAJOR difference…

Paul Thinks Like a Business Owner…NOT a Salesperson

Did you see that sub-heading above?

Read it one more time, and take a moment to let that sink in.

Because the rest of this post could mark the difference between your future success or perpetual frustration in business.

Here’s what I mean.

Several months ago I had a conversation with another client (let’s call this person Sam).

You see, Sam jumped in headfirst with our trainings and was super excited about our systems.

But eventually, the pain created by the investment he would have to make to have the success he was seeking, was far greater than the pain of simply remaining stuck where he was at.

What’s the difference between Paul & Sam?

Paul understands that money well invested in advertising and systems will yield a far greater return on investment, while Sam only focuses on the initial total cost.

In other words, Paul things like an entrepreneur. Sam thinks like a sales person.

Yes, and although Paul is a sale person per-say, he understands that his primary role is that of a business owner.

Which is why Paul can now say…

I am making about $8 for every $1 spent with Facebook in areas 1 hour away.

Because, he carefully measures his costs in such a way that he can get the MAXIMUM return on investment, without fearing any temporary loss.

How Paul Makes $8 for Ever $1 Spent on Facebook (It’s Like Printing Money on Demand)

Here’s a quick sample breakdown of how it’s possible for Paul to make such a terrific claim (IMPORTANT: the figures below are extremely CONSERVATIVE).

Step 1:

Create a Facebook ad that generates leads at an outrageously conservative $5.00/lead. So let’s say Paul spends $500/mo. That would equate to 100 brand new leads each month.

Step 2:

Add each lead to your CRM/autoresponder system. Let’s expect that Paul only turns 1 out of every 100 leads into a client (NOTE: MANY of our members report that they end up at 5-7 out of 100 or even more over longer periods of time). So he now has 1 future client in his pipeline.

Step 3:

Paul follows up with each lead until he is able to set an appointment, get a listing, and make a sale. In this example, he’ll make an average total commission of $5000 in his pocket.

Step 4:

Now, we also need to account for other costs as well. For example, CA PRO trainings, his CRM, brokerage fees, a website/IDX system, additional marketing expenses, and other miscellaneous items outside of the ad costs above. All of these come to $1000/mo.

Step 5:

Paul is able to make 1 sale (again, very conservative) a month on average from his lead generation efforts. So we’re looking at a total expense of $1,000/mo with everything included above.

Step 6:

Now, we’ll take his average commission of $5000 minus $1000 of other expenses, which gives us $4,000. Divide that by the total cost of $500/mo on Facebook, and you’ve got an 8 to 1 return my friend.

It’s amazing just how far an initial investment can go. (:

PLUS, when you consider the fact that Paul has reported to get up to a 15 to 1 ROI on the higher end, there is a TON more room to scale up even faster. (Tell me, where else can you find a return like that???)

Although at face value, investing in lead generation may look intimidating before you start closing any deals, it’s easy to see how you can quickly get a strong ROI.

Want to know the exact system Paul has been using for years to generate such great results?

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