Here’s an idea we covered in our private mastermind group the other day. This is a 100% FREE, and super low tech way to get potential buyers messaging you on Facebook instantly.

We heard that a couple of our members were having great success with this strategy, so we decided to challenge the group to try it out for themselves.

Owen took IMMEDIATE action and generated mind blowing results in less than 12 hours! Here’s how you can apply it for your business:

1. Go find a “homes for sale/rent” group in your local area

2. Post this exact message: “Name the ONE thing that is stopping you from buying a home and STOP paying rent!”

3. Engage with those who message you and offer genuine help and feedback

4. Wash and repeat.

Remember, you may not get into as many conversations as Owen did on your first attempt. But if you consistently implement this strategy you will begin to build a list of potential buyers over time.

So go find several local groups now and simply post this message every month or so and watch what happens…

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10 Potential Buyers in Under 12 Hours?