2 FSBO Appointments Using ONLY Text Messages

Video Transcription:

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Josh with Client Alchemist and eXp Realty and I’m going to show you something pretty cool. I’m going to show you and tell you how I was able to set two FSBO appointments today, in the last couple hours, using only text messaging and to protect their privacy, I’m going to show you on the phone here and walk you through the process. So I’ll give you a big picture overview and I’ll even talk you through the conversations that I had with those folks.

So I went on a zillow.Com, found for sale by owners in the area that I work in. I set the the criteria to 200,000 and above, because that’s the price range that I’d prefer to work, and would just go step by step. I click on one that I was interested in. I’d find their cell phone number, which you can find just by clicking get more information. The property owner cell phone will be there. I used a site called truepeoplesearch.com to get additional information about these folks and then I just texted them.

So here’s an example of the text message that I sent, and I’ve just got my kvCORE app on my phone and I’ll read you the text conversation on number one. Incidentally, I’ve gotten appointments from the very first two for sale by owners that I reached out to. I’ve got appointments set. Now I’ve subsequently reached out to a few more and I’m in conversation with some. One of them is under contract but not a bad start.

So my opening text message that I sent, “Hi, this is Josh Schoenly with eXp Realty. Just curious, is your home on…” and the street address of the home,”…still available?”

He replies, “Yes.” Awesome. Thanks so and so, and I put his first name in John ambiguous. “Just curious, if we could help you get it sold in 17 days without paying any commissions. Is that something you might be interested in?”

Now your brain may have come screeching to a halt.

How can I possibly do that? Right?

How can you make that offer?

Well, I’ll put a link in the comments or with the video here on a free training class where we can show you how you can make that offer. (http://ZeroCommissionClass.com)

Incidentally, you don’t have to use that offer to get into conversation with them. I’ll, probably not today, tomorrow, whatever, I’ll give you some other examples of what you could say there instead or you can just check out the free training class. It’s pretty cool.

All right. Regardless, he says, “Please email me…” And he put his email, “…any offer / proposition you may have. Thank you.” I sent him an email just with the basic overview of the program, which is we can get it sold fast and for top dollar, zero commission and we handle all the marketing and the paperwork and you control when the house is shown. Which again, we show you how to do all of that at the free class. He says, “Well, how are you getting paid for our services to help me sell the house?” And I said, “We’re compensated on the buyer side.” Which incidentally, we show you how you can still get 6% even 7% just by doing that. He says, “Cool. When do you want to come take a look?” I said, “Would tomorrow morning or Friday afternoon work?” He said, “Morning tomorrow.” I said, “10:30 okay?” “Yeah, that’s good. Thank you. I appreciate you reaching out.” This is a for sale by owner thankful for reaching out. That’s number one.

How about number two? Let’s see here. “Hi so-and-so, this is Josh Schoenly with eXp Realty. Is your home at blank address still available? Thanks.” “We are still showing our home, yes.” “Terrific. Curious, if we can help you get the home sold in 17 days without having to pay a commission, is that something you might be interested in?” “Yes, but the offer would need to be very strong. Some things have changed and we no longer have to move, but still considering it.” “Totally understandable. To confirm your home would qualify, I just need to come take a quick look at the property. Typically takes 15 minutes. I can do that tomorrow morning or Friday afternoon.” “I’m working every day, but Thursday.” is her response. “Would 10:30 Thursday morning work? “That would be fine.” “Terrific. See you then.” Not too shabby.

Now here’s the deal. Again, I’ll show you my special guests and I, we’ll show you how you can make that offer. How you can have that unique selling proposition for yourself in your market on the free training class, which again there’ll be a link in the comments or in the text above or to the side of this video. If it’s not there yet it will be there soon and you can register that. And if you’d like me to A, shoot a video for you, say maybe tomorrow, giving you some other ideas of what you could do instead of making that zero commission offer, and or, you would like me to show you specifically how I did all of this from finding them on Zillow, doing the search on a truepeoplesearch.com, putting them into my CRM, which is kvCORE, one of the many benefits of being with eXp Realty, and then how I actually set up templates in there to make it super fast and easy.

I’d be happy to do that as well, but under one condition. You got to like this video, you got to share it with other people in our community, other real estate agents that might find benefit from it, and let me know what you think of it in the comments as well, and we’ll see. If I get enough people that do those things we’ll see. Maybe I’ll shoot some follow ups to that as well. And if you like this sort of stuff, doing these sort of live videos showing you how I’m getting appointments with other sort of pillars and systems and so forth as well. So thanks for checking this out. Check out the free class, like comment and share, and we’ll talk again real soon.

2 FSBO Appointments Using ONLY Text Messages