How to Find the Right Focus and Create Better Results

This is Josh Schoenly, co-founder of Client Alchemist, and I’ve got a story to tell you.

If you’ve read any of my blogs or listened to my podcast, you may know that I coach my son’s travel baseball team. I’ve been coaching baseball since the late 1990s. It’s a passion of mine.

When I was a kid I thought I was going to be a Phys. Ed. teacher and a baseball coach for the rest of my life. I still coach and teach. I just do it in a different way now. Read More...

#1 Mindset Hack That Will Guarantee Your Long Term Success

The other day we received a message from Paul.

Paul has been a member with us for at least 5 years now. And he’s somebody who has consistently taken action with the principles we teach.

Nothing out of the ordinary… no hidden tricks or secrets.

Here’s a bit of what Paul had to say to us:

Hello there. As you know I have been with you guys for many years. All of your programs from back in the day where you guys did campaigns etc. I have made well over $100k from you and continue to make at least $5-10k a month. Read More...

4 BIGGEST Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2017

2017 is right around the corner.

And with it, the online real estate marketing landscape will be changing…again.

Every year we are privileged to work hands-on with 1,000’s of real estate agents all over the U.S. & Canada…

Which helps us to see exactly what is working, what is not, and how agents can better position themselves to get the MAXIMUM results possible with their lead generation strategies. Read More...

3 Things You NEED to Know About Millennials (If You Want to Sell Them a Home)

The word “millennial” has been been overused and misused to death at this point in pop culture. It’s hard to know what one really is.

Here’s the simple definition:

Millennials can generally be considered to be people who are under the age of 30 currently, or were born after the early 80s.

Some of you reading this may be millennials, in which case you might already know all this stuff. For the rest of you, I’m sure you’ve at least heard the term thrown around (probably incorrectly) and may be interested in knowing what makes them tick. Well the simple answer is this: The same things as you and I. Read More...

What Maeve from “Westworld” Thinks of Zillow

Fans of the show may get this reference.

Remember when Bernard tried to buy leads from Zillow in the Season 1 Finale? No?

Bernard was not getting ahead in the real estate business so he started buying leads from Zillow. The problem was, the leads weren’t any good so he just ended up back where he was a little broker than before. Remember?

Maybe it was my imagination. But here’s her reaction, anyway. Read More...

This Mistake Could Be Costing You Leads (…and it’s NOT what you think!)

Quick question for you. Do you have e-mail forwarding?

Do you have a professional e-mail address from a personal domain?

You DON’T?!?!?!?!

Do you WANT your leads to think you’re a peasant???

I’m going to be talking about E-mail Forwarding today, how it works, and why you need to get it today.

You may have read a little bit about this in a previous blog post by Josh where he mentioned that E-Mail Forwarding goes a long way towards making you look like an expert. I want to go a little bit more in to how E-mail Forwarding works and why it’s so important. It may seem like a little thing at first but it makes a big difference and today I’m going to show you how. Read More...