4 Reasons You Should Tell Lead Vendors to Stick It!

Is it a controversial statement to say that lead vendors are crooks?

Don’t think they are? I found a picture online that might change your mind…

If that’s not proof enough keep on reading.

Reason #1: There’s No Exclusivity Between You and the Lead Vendor

We all know how business works. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. But what if the person who’s scratching your back is also scratching everyone else’s back?


How to Attract More Leads & Clients (Without Actually Selling)

I hate selling.

At least in the traditional sense of the word. Mainly because…

STOP: Read that sentence again because it is the real key to getting whatever you want in life.

And rightfully so.

We’re bombarded with marketing messages daily, and your time is extremely valuable. Who wants to waste it sifting through a ton of promotional junk just to get to one single result?


What’s This? Another Rapping Realtor?!?!?!

Wait, did you just say there’s a NEW Rapping Real Estate Agent Rap Video with a Realtor Rapping in it?

I think this video just made my day. Never mind that the first time I saw it was a few days ago. My mind is still blown every time I watch it.

Israel R. Varela has smashed his way on to the real estate rap scene with his hot new single, “Real Estate Baby.” This guy is poised and ready to set the internet on fire with his song.


What NOT To Do at an Open House with Renata: The Not Real Realtor

WARNING: Do not watch this video if you’re drinking anything. Doing so may cause you to spray your computer screen with water, coffee, or wine when you laugh out loud.

I’m serious. It’s that funny.

If you’re a fan of Ellen you already know that in addition to being an immensely popular talk show host she is also a huge lover of the real estate business.