3 Simple Steps To FSBO Appointments With Text Messages

Video Transcription:

All right, so three simple steps to getting for sale by owner appointments using just text, just just via texting. I haven’t even introduced myself. This is Josh Schoenly with Client Alchemist and eXp Realty.

So this is a follow up to yesterday’s live video. If you haven’t watched yesterday’s go back and check that out (2 FSBO appointments via text) where I went through exact text conversations that I had, which generated to for sale by owner appointments.

The first of which I went on this morning went to quite well actually.

So three simple steps.

Step number one is to send a text asking, is it still available?

Okay. So very simply, you know, hi, this is so-and-so with eXp Realty. Just curious is the home @ and then put in the address still available?

That’s it, right?

Just trying to get them to engage to respond. When they do, right? And if it’s an affirmative, yes, then we can reply back with some sort of offer. Okay. And yesterday I covered the offer that I was making, which is that I can sell their home fast for top dollar for zero commission.

And by the way, if you’re wondering, how could I do that and make any money, then you should check out the free training class that my partner Bob and I have put together for you and you can check that out at ZeroCommissionClass.com. I’ll get that added to the comments as well.

Anyway, so that’s the offer I made, but you don’t have to make that offer.

You can make a different offer.

So for example, you might say, “Well I, I’ve got an active group of buyers and one of the services that I provide for them is an updated list of all off market properties for sale. And I’d like to include yours on the list, but to do so I just need to come take a quick look at the property.” Okay? So you could do something like that as well. And then you close for the preview appointment. All you’re asking for, all you’re asking for is permission to come and preview the property, right?

You’re not trying to sell them on anything, you’re not trying to do any of that.

All you’re trying to do is get that preview appointment so he can meet with them. So you can check out the property, and so you can start to build rapport and relationship with them. Okay.

So step one, is it still available?

Step two, make some kind of offer.

Step three, close for the preview appointment.

It really is that simple.

You can do it all via text and in fact you’re probably going to have more success a via text than any other communication channel, right?

More and more people are not answering their phones, even though it’s a for sale by owner, right? Even though they’re trying to sell their home and less and less people are responding to email. Now you can do those in addition, right?

Use those channels in addition, but you know, if you use the text, that texting sequence and those three simple steps, I think that you’re going to find some success.

So here’s a challenge for you watching…

Whether you’re watching this live or you’re watching this after the fact. Go out and use this simple three step process and then comment below your results and maybe you let us know how many preview appointments you’ve gotten or if you’re having trouble or they threw up some objection and you’re wondering what you should do at that point.

Let us know below as well and I’ll be happy to shoot some followup video content as well on that.

So if you like this, let me know if you found it helpful, please share with other folks in our community. Check out the free training class at ZeroCommissionClass.com. I’ll put a link in there as well.

And lastly, if you haven’t already done so, I believe there’s a place, a way that you can follow these videos.

I plan on doing more of these live videos and I think you can follow it and maybe even set up to get notifications. I’d highly recommend that you do that if you haven’t already done so as well.

Love to hear from you.

Thanks for checking this out and we’ll talk again real soon.

3 Simple Steps To FSBO Appointments With Text Messages