Hey It’s Josh and here we go with blog post #2 in this part series. 

If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out post #1 RIGHT HERE first.

Now as promised in part one, today I’m going to walk you through our six step process for quickly and consistently building your buyers list, what we believe is the number one asset for you in your real estate sales business.

I think it’s important also that you should know this process has been working great for myself, my clients and my students for the last 10 plus years and it will continue to work for many many years to come. In other words, this isn’t some trick or gimmick, it’s a predictable system that once you understand and implement will generate consistent results time and time and time again.

Results like Craig’s. He says, “I just had to write in because this works like a charm. I set up your buyer acquisition squeeze pages using new construction as the offer.” We’re going to get into that in a bit. “For a small segmented part of my city. I ran the ad separately on mobile and desktop.” We’ll talk about that too. Either way, very good clicks. The main point for you here is 12 leads in 24 hours. And he says, “Damn impressive.” I would agree. And you all can model this and get the kind of results that Craig got if you follow the process that we’re going to walk through.

So let’s do that right now. Let’s walk through the process.

(I’ll give you a minute to grab a pen and paper so you can take notes.)

STEP #1 in our process is to identify who is it you want to attract. Who is it that you want to build this list around.

Who is your ideal client?

Is it renters in a particular school district or zip code?

Maybe first time homebuyers in a particular school district or zip code or city or town.

Or maybe it’s young families who already own a home who might want or need to upgrade, move up buyers.

Incidentally, if that is your audience you’ve already got, almost ensured yourself that all of these buyer leads are also sellers in disguise.

Or do you want to focus on investors or potential investors? Is that who you want to attract and build your buyers list around?

Or maybe older couples who are looking to downsize. Maybe they’re looking for a 55 plus community or some other type of better situation. They’ve got a large home and they’re looking to downsize. That may be your ideal audience.

There’s really no right or wrong answer here. It’s what makes the most sense for you and your business.

STEP #2 is the offer. And this is important. Driving people to an IDX registration does not qualify as an offer for our system and what we believe. In fact if you’re watching this video right now I forbid you from doing this. Forbid you driving traffic to an IDX registration. And there are a whole bunch of reasons why and I’ll even cover those reasons in another video. But for now let’s talk about what you can or should use for the offer.

How about a free weekly list of new construction homes in your area? A free weekly list of blank area, Mechanicsburg area new construction homes.

Or a free weekly list of South Philly new construction homes.

And Craig, the success story that I mentioned earlier, that was the offer he was making. He was offering a free weekly list of new construction homes.

Justin who will be our … I’ll walk you through his story tomorrow. He used this potential list, this offer to build a buyers list that he then went and leveraged and turned it into multiple builder clients who each ended up being anywhere from 10, 20, 40 transactions per year from those clients. All because he mastered this six step process.

Maybe you want to offer a free weekly list of all recently price reduced homes in your area or a free weekly list of foreclosure properties in your area.

Maybe a free weekly list of waterfront condos. Free weekly list of Naples area waterfront condos.

Or maybe luxury homes. Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s what makes the most sense for you.

And I want you to remember this.

If you try to go too broad or brand you are going to go broke. But if you will embrace the idea of going narrow and niche you will get rich.

And this speaks particularly to steps 1 and 2 in the process, the audience and the offer. It’s okay to narrow your focus and niche down your focus. And in fact it’s not only okay, it will benefit you in the short term and the long run. Remember, Craig said, “A small segment” in his city. That’s who he targeted and he had some tremendous success very very quickly.

STEP #3 in this process is to build your pipeline. Which for us means our landing page, our Thank You page and our automated follow up. Now for our Client Alchemist Pro members we’ve built a platform from the ground up that we call Pipeline Pages. And so I’m going to show you some examples of pages and how we would craft a pipeline. And I’ll give you some takeaways to use if you’re using another platform to really look at.

So number one notice … well first of all notice this is yet another offer that you can make to build your buyers list, some kind of special financing. One of our members, Mike, I’ll share with you some of his recent results with this offer. He’s been using this to build a buyer’s list and it works like gangbusters. So if you’ve got special financing programs or you can go out and identify some special financing programs, that is a tremendous offer for implementing this six step process.

But notice also, number one, there is no navigation.

When someone gets here, when someone lands here, they’ve got a choice. Am I going to enter my information or not. One choice.

Why is that important?

Because it dramatically improves the likelihood of you connecting of the person opting in. In fact, many of our members see 20 to 40, sometimes 50 percent, of the people they send to our pipelines actually connect with them versus industry averages of like half a percent to one percent.

Even on landing pages what we typically hear is 4 to 8, maybe 10 percent. And our pipelines continually just crush those typical quote unquote “results”.

What you also need to keep in mind and it’s not indicated in this screenshot, is you’ve got to keep your pages Facebook compliant. And I’ll get to why that’s so important in the next step in this process but you just want to make sure. And what you can’t see here is if you scroll down we do have a little bit of navigation but it’s the minimum required. It’s what you have to to be compliant with Facebook, to be compliant with Google, et cetera et cetera. But we don’t highlight that fact. They have to go and find that.

And notice also that we have a very crisp clean look to the page and it just all works towards getting the best results for you.

Now the way we build our pipelines is after someone completes this first step in the process we’re actually going to dig and get some more information from them. Not everyone will fill out this information that we have on the Thank You page but a high percentage will. 20, 40, for some of our clients 60-70 percent will actually fill this out.

Why that’s so important is we can leverage that in step five to our advantage and we’ll get into that more. But it’s a survey that we walk them through that as they answer different questions another question is asked and because we step them through this process in what’s called micro commitments. We slowly walk them through, kind of get them moving down a slippery slope, a high percentage of people will complete that. And so the value to you is the folks that do complete this you know are more motivated, more serious, farther along in the home buying process than those that don’t. Either way is fine. It’s a sifting and sorting process.

So once you build your pipeline, you’ve got some automated follow up, you’re going to drive targeted traffic (STEP #4).

And there are a number of places that you can do this, you can drive traffic from but by far our favorite and the number one way right now is with Facebook ads. Facebook ads allow you to get extremely specific with your targeting and is just very very quick easy process.

There are lots of other companies out there trying to complicate, overcomplicate, in some cases oversimplify. There is a very happy medium that we help you find to get the very best results for the very least amount of investment.

That’s what we help our pro members do. Implementing this process, using our Pipeline Page’s platform and driving traffic with Facebook.

STEP #5 in the process is to connect, follow up and converse. The connect part is easy if you built a pipeline in step three and you’re driving traffic like we outlined in step four with Facebook pages.

But the follow up and the converse. And notice there’s strategically a different word in there. We’re not talking about converting people. Because when we focus on conversion and converting people what we really are is being a hard core salesperson.

People don’t like to be sold but they love to be served.

And if we can focus on conversing we are positioning ourselves as a servant. People love to be served but they hate to be sold.

So here’s how you can do that. Very simply, treat every lead that comes into your pipeline as if they are a real person, because they are.

This might sound very obvious to some of you but I think and I’ve fallen into this trap before, I’m guessing you probably have as well.

We look at these leads that we generate that come in as just a number or some digital information.

You have to remember that on the other end of that email address, that phone number, that information that you collected online, there is a real person.

A real live person who has wants and needs and desires.

And the question is how can you get into a conversation with them that will give you the opportunity to serve them and their needs and wants and desires. Specifically you should be using a combination of automation and manual follow up.

And again for our pro members when we set up their pipeline we’ve built into that not just the landing page, not just the Thank You page but an automated follow up sequence depending on what the offer is and it’s congruent to that offer.

But we also don’t solely rely on automation. We should be manually following up with each and every lead, prospect, contact that comes in following this process with a minimum of at least one manual follow up and ideally more than one as well.

The only purpose of the follow up whether it be automated or manual is to spark a conversation.

In other words, getting the prospect to respond.

That’s it, that’s it. We just want to get them to respond.

Which means you should keep those follow ups whether automated or manual, short and sweet, you should include a benefit or potential benefit and you should include an expectation for them to respond.

Simple binary questions, yes or no questions.

“Just curious, are you working with a lender? Hit reply and let me know.”

“Just curious, are you looking to buy in this school district or this school district?”.

Questions that are easy for them to answer so that we can spark that conversation that gives us an opportunity to find out how we can best serve them.

I mentioned some recent results from Mike implementing the pipeline that I showed you in step 3. And recently he created a new campaign and in three days, in three days, generated 26 leads, attracted 26 leads.

Four of them he already has conversing with his lender and another eight he’s personally conversing with.

So 12 out of 26 already in communication with. Now not all of those 12 are going to become clients. Let’s be honest here. But I would say in every case possible that is way higher than the quote unquote, “industry averages”. And the reason is he’s implementing all of the steps in the process. And because he’s treating every lead like a real live person and he’s focusing on conversing with them so he can find out how he can best serve them.

He’s not focused on converting them or hard selling them. He’s finding out how can I be of service. And just doing that. Being of service. Finding out how he can serve and then serving them.

STEP #6 is to simply track and improve. Consistently taking action, consistently making incremental improvements by tracking and tweaking. We help our pro members do this. In fact that’s one of the things that I spend time every day is helping our members. They’ll ask for feedback and critiques and we go in and help and point out, “Hey, have you thought about trying this? Have you thought about that? You might want to tweak this.” Those kind of things. And by doing so you can create exponential improvements over time which is a snowball effect if you will.

So now that you know what to do, the six steps we’ve outlined with you, for you, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it with a very special offer only for folks who are watching this video right now. Here’s the deal. You can get our Buyer Leads By Tonight 3.0 Course With A 4 Week LIVE Bootcamp RIGHT NOW at 90% OFF! CLICK HERE to get more details and enroll now.

6 Steps To QUICKLY & CONSISTENTLY Building Your Buyers List!