Pay attention because this one is REAL good (-:

The other day one of our most successful members, Phil, shared a post to our private Facebook group (see above).

In summary, Phil simply sent out one SUPER simple email and a VERY basic Facebook post on his timeline.

His strategy didn’t require any special knowledge or ability, and yet the end result was MIND BLOWING.

Within hours, motivated “come list me” sellers started to contact Phil about their properties, while others shared the post with their friends or family who may be looking to sell.

STEP 1: Phil Emailed His List With the Following SIMPLE Script

Notice his strategy here. This is just one example of leveraging our seller referral offer script.

First, Phil asks a simple question (“Want to sell your house?”). Now one thing he could try differently next time is ask “Who do you know that’s looking to sell?”

Next, Phil tells a very engaging story that grips the reader’s attention. He has a strong seller’s market working to his advantage, but that doesn’t mean this can’t work for you!

Another angle you could use is to leverage your own buyer list. As you generate leads following the “Client Alchemist Way,” you’ll be able to say, “I have 20, 50, 100, 500, or more buyers in XYZ area looking to purchase a home.”

Finally, Phil pushes some buttons and elaborates with his story to illustrate just how hot the market really is (which will help sellers to envision their home getting sold FAST!)

The *GOOD NEWS* is, your story doesn’t have to be as long as Phil’s. Keep it simple and have a call to action to call, text or email you.

Step 2: Phil BLEW UP His Facebook Feed With a Short (Yet POWERFUL) 24 Word Script…AND The Responses Rolled In

Take Action & Start Attracting “Come List Me” Sellers To You IMMEDIATELY

Now it’s your turn…

You have the scripts you need to take action with this 100% FREE strategy TODAY.

Plus as a BONUS, try adding the script to some local Facebook groups you’re a part of as well. And remember, even if you don’t get the same stunning results that Phil did above…

Simply commit to implementing this strategy at least once every month consistently, and you will begin to generate REAL results.

Finally, don’t forget to pick up your own copy of our PROVEN “come list me” seller template below. This FREE PDF will walk you step-by-step through some other case studies and examples you can leverage IMMEDIATELY to start attracting more listings & clients right NOW.

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