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What is ClientAlchemist.com?

ClientAlchemist.com is a community that provides cutting-edge online marketing strategies with expert help & support for real estate professionals on:

1. How to generate motivated buyer & seller leads for your real estate business.

2. How to strategically convert those leads into clients.

3. How to create more automation in your business, so you can create more freedom.

NOTE:  You can access plenty of free information on our blog, as well as entry-level programs (for about the price of a Starbucks latte) for a quick test drive first.

If you're blown away (and we believe you will, because we ALWAYS over-deliver), you may want to consider becoming a Client Alchemist PRO for access to LIVE weekly "Office Hours," all of our step-by-step action plans, swipe files, detailed "hot seat marketing critiques," "CA Connect" private mastermind/networking group, UNLIMITED exclusive support, and more.

We Practice What We Preach

A lot of "coaching" and "consulting" programs out there invest little to zero time actually doing what they teach.

We go beyond simply "making the sale" by committing ourselves to constantly implementing and testing new ideas, so you can always be a step ahead of the competition.

But don't take our word for it!  Here's a quick snapshot of what our team has helped real estate agents just like you accomplish in the last year alone:

  • Kurt replaced Crappy $10 Real Estate Leads With High Quality Leads for $.58 Each
  • Natasha Generated 9 Calls & Texts From MOTIVATED Buyers For ONLY $24.58.
  • Dutch says, "You guys ROCK! I can directly attribute over $2 MILLION in sales just this year directly to the lead generation techniques and tactics taught here.
  • Dante reports, "Never expected to generate seller leads on Facebook. In less than 30 days I got 2 listings out of it. One if over $400K and the other is over $870K. I finally realized that I'm not in the real estate business, but I'm in the business to market my real estate business."
  • Wendy says, "Sent these out and got amazing results including 3 listing appointments, 1 listing for $435000 and wrote contract for $159000 Sunday and working with buyers loving it."

These are just a fraction of the MASSIVE results that real people are generating every single day by following our "up to the minute" marketing strategies and ideas.

Let us do the heavy lifting and expensive testing for you, so you know exactly what is working right now for the best results and conversions.

We Are Always Here For You!


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