Are you inadvertently REPELLING real estate clients?


I had a conversation this morning with a former client in our partner program who’s looking at coming back. And through our conversation, we realized some things he was doing that was unknowingly or inadvertently repelling clients from him.

Obviously, he wasn’t doing it on purpose. He thought he was following best practices when it comes to following up and communicating with potential clients.

And the reality is, it just wasn’t, and in fact, he was doing more harm than good.

And some of you may relate to this.

(I’m not going to reveal his name because this isn’t about singling him out and I’m certain he’s not the only one struggling with this.)

So, what was it that he’s doing to inadvertently repel real estate clients?

Number one is the fact that although it is good to get on the phone with potential clients, it may not be the best place to start your conversation or communication…

He was (and is) very diligent and consistent about calling new leads or new prospects into his pipeline. But the reality is, was not having much success.

The best place to start to get that conversation going is actually through text messaging right now. Starting the conversation there (via text message), and then taking it to the natural progression of a conversation. That’s more for the immediate or the short-term follow-up.

The bigger opportunity that he was losing out on and actually repelling business was sending on-going follow-up communications that were completely irrelevant, uninteresting, not helpful or useful in any way.

For example … I’ll use one that’s specific to the time of this recording, sending out a “Happy President’s Day” message to his unconverted leads.

The reality is, that’s just not interesting. It’s not entertaining. It’s not informational. It’s not helpful or useful in any way, shape or form. And when you send those kind of things…

…you know, the stock messages that a lot of old CRM solutions come with, you’re actually doing more harm than good.

So, what should you do instead, you might be wondering, right?

Sending personal, or messages that seem like personal, one-to-one communications. Or sending more of what they requested in the first place.

If someone came into your pipeline (as a prospect, into your database) they came in because they’re interested in buying or selling real estate. So we need to send things that are interesting, entertaining, informative, helpful to them, around that idea.

Now, you need to be careful with that, too. Because one of the other things that he mentioned that he was doing was sending out negotiation tips and tactics. And again, the reality is, though we, as real estate professionals might find those helpful or useful, the general consumer doesn’t.

They want to look at interesting homes.

They want to look at properties that might be a good deal.

They want to look at and find out more information about those types of interests.

So, if you’re doing that kind of stuff, stop it. If you’re sending out reminders about changing your clocks, or President’s Day cards and things like that, stop sending that stuff.

Instead reverse engineer how you can be more interesting, entertaining, informative and so forth. I talk a ton about that in my book. You can get a copy at It’ll walk you through our four-step process of which the fourth is “converse”.

Converse, conversations, and it’s all about what and how to follow-up with folks so you can get into a conversation with them. So you can identify, “Can I help this person?”, yes or no. And then, if the answer to question is is yes, “How and when can I best help them?”

So check that out to grab your copy now.

Are you inadvertently REPELLING real estate clients?