[ACCESS] 3 Top Converting “Downsizing & Retirement” Friendly Templates

Ahhhh retirement.

It’s an exciting (and sometimes scary) season for many empty-nesters and hard working individuals, as they begin to consider next steps…

And it’s also a golden opportunity for YOU, Mr./Mrs. real estate agent, to help these folks fulfill some of their lifelong dreams!

Whether it’s to finally settle on that long awaited vacation home along the lake, or to completely simplify life, you’ve got options to connect with your ideal client. Read More...

Real Estate Agents: Swipe This EPIC Molson Canadian Ad Formula Today

Check out this brilliant idea shared by marketing genius, Dean Jackson the other day.

Several years ago Molson Canadian beer ran a full page ad in a women’s magazine that featured a well-dressed, male model holding puppies along with the following tagline:

The intersection of masculinity and sensitivity. His beer is Molson Canadian

Now here is where it gets REALLY interesting (-: Read More...

68 Phone Leads in ONLY 19 Days With 1 “Just Listed” Ad

Would you like to attract more leads with valid phone numbers…consistently?

Of course this is ideal, but you and I both know that it’s easier said than done.

In most cases, when a phone number is a required field on your form, one of two scenarios will typically occur:

1. A prospect will simply type in a fake number so they can access your offer without giving you this information. Read More...

Attract MORE “Stop Paying Rent” Clients With This Brand NEW Template

Want to start connecting with more potential clients leveraging a fairly untapped opportunity on Facebook?

Here’s a cool NEW hook for you to try.

This is something that one of our members, Dutch, has been testing out for some time with VERY favorable results.

And the process is super simple.

Step 1: Create a “Stop Paying Rent” Landing Page for Your Target Market

Check out the screenshot above from one of our PipelinePagez that you can model. The copy can be something similar as follows: “FREE Weekly List of [YOUR CITY/ZIP] Homes For Sale (For a $XYZ Or LESS Total Monthly Payment)!” Read More...

New Construction Facebook Lead Ad (33 Leads for ONLY $1.75/each)!

Here’s a post that Josh recently shared in our private mastermind group, “Connect.”

It reveals some outstanding results that our member, Kathy, is getting using a VERY simple “Facebook lead ad” form to build a list of hungry new construction buyers.

As you can see, this is a super simple ad with no frills, yet it’s pulling in some REALLY high quality prospects into her pipeline FAST. Read More...