Just Sold Real Estate Postcards

Just Sold Real Estate Postcards

Video Transcription:

Josh Schoenly with Client Alchemist and I want to show you how incredibly simple, easy and effective it is for you to send just sold postcards for your real estate business using a service called thanks.io. Incidentally, in the description you’ll find a link, a special link, where you can get a free trial of the service and check it out, as well as some great videos, other ideas, tips, tricks and strategies that you can use with this as well. (http://ClientAlchemist.com/thanks)

But let’s show you how super easy it is for you to create just sold postcards with this service.  Read More...

6 Steps To QUICKLY & CONSISTENTLY Building Your Buyers List!

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Hey It’s Josh and here we go with blog post #2 in this part series. 

If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out post #1 RIGHT HERE first.

Now as promised in part one, today I’m going to walk you through our six step process for quickly and consistently building your buyers list, what we believe is the number one asset for you in your real estate sales business. Read More...

Your #1 Asset As A Real Estate Professional?

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Video Transcription:

It’s time POP QUIZ time!

Now, don’t get flustered though because I’m actually going to give you the answer…

Alright, here goes:

What’s your number one asset as a real estate sales professional?

The number one thing you should be focused on growing each and every day, in my humble (but accurate 🙂 opinion. Read More...

Real Estate Postcards – “New School” Ways To Generate Listings & Referrals With “Old School” Postcards

Real Estate Postcards – “New School” Ways To Generate Listings & Referrals With “Old School” Postcards

Video Transcription:

Josh Schoenly: Welcome, everybody. It’s Josh with a very special guest, a very long time friend. Many of you may know him from our previous venture, or you may know him from other things, as well, inside real estate conversion, et cetera. The special guest we have for you today is Ryan Hartman, and Ryan is going to walk through some new school ways that we can generate listings and referrals with old school real estate postcards. It’s a pretty, pretty cool, relatively new platform that is really powerful. It’s something that I’ve been using. We’ll get into how and maybe even some examples, and something that I would highly recommend you all consider checking out and play around with, kick the tires, if you will. We’ll show you how you can do that very easily and even try it out for free. Read More...

Struggling with “lead conversion”? This should help:

Struggling with “lead conversion”? This should help.

Video Transcript:

We hear very often from real estate agents that their biggest struggle is with “lead conversion”. Turning leads or prospects into actual clients, actual transactions. If this is something you’re struggling with as well, then I think this video is going to help you.

Here’s the deal. If that is something you’re struggling with it’s really one of three things. It might be a combination of the three, but it really comes down to three things, okay. This is kind of simplistic, but I promise you, if you understand this, it will help you address the problem and figure out the solution. Read More...

Are you inadvertently REPELLING real estate clients?

Are you inadvertently REPELLING real estate clients?


I had a conversation this morning with a former client in our partner program who’s looking at coming back. And through our conversation, we realized some things he was doing that was unknowingly or inadvertently repelling clients from him.

Obviously, he wasn’t doing it on purpose. He thought he was following best practices when it comes to following up and communicating with potential clients. Read More...

Are you a real estate “specialist” or “general practitioner”?

Real estate “specialist” or “general practitioner”?

Here’s something that might help your perspective if you’re looking to grow your real estate sales business…

We talk to a lot of real estate agents each and every week and one of the things they struggle with is getting crystal clear on their ideal client who they want to attract to them and do business with them. (Identifying your ideal real estate client is step 1 of the four steps outlined in my best-selling book ATRACT, click here for more info or to grab a copy.) Read More...

Simple (Yet POWERFUL) Seller Referral Marketing Lesson

Today, I’d like to share one simple, but extremely powerful marketing tip.

It’s an example of how little things can make a big, big difference.

This example comes from our Come List Me Seller Referral Template and you can get a free PDF copy of that template below.

Here’s how I’d like to share it with you, I’m going to ask you a simple multiple-choice question:

Which one of these questions do you think will get you more response and more seller referrals?

A. “Do you know anyone who’s thinking about selling?” Read More...

If You Want Something (In Business Or Life) You Have To Be Willing To…

It’s Josh Schoenly, co-founder of Client Alchemist, and I’ve got a little mindset tip.

I was reminded of this thanks to an interaction I had with my son yesterday. I had taken our family to go watch him play in a travel basketball game.

They played well. It was a hard fought game. They ended up winning.

When we got home, my son was kind of bummed.

I said, “What’s up buddy? You guys won. What’s the deal?”

He started complaining that his teammates didn’t pass him the ball.

I said, “How many passes do you think you made?”

My son said, “Well you know, a few. Not that many, I guess.”

I made the point that if you want something, you have to be willing to give that thing first.

For my son, if he wanted his teammates to pass him the ball, he needed to be willing to pass the ball first.

However, this mindset applies in almost every situation.

If you want someone to smile at you, the best way to get a smile is for you to smile first.

If you want more generosity to come to you, then you need to be willing to be generous to others first. Read More...