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Chapter 1


How Justin *ZOOMED* from ZERO to 220 Deals a Year in Only 5 Years

Kurt Case Study: How He Got 114 Leads In ONLY 3 Days With 1 Facebook Post! (AND How He’s Already In “Meaningful Conversations” With 30 Of Them!)

Chapter 3

Example targeting video walk through:

Chapter 4

Content creation strategies & examples (COMING SOON)

Chapter 5

Examples of top performing ads & posts

1. Check out this training replay that includes at least 7 examples of posts/campaigns that each generated multiple clients – WATCH IT HERE!

2. Check out this PDF with what we call “The Perfect Come List Me Seller Template” (PLUS 2 Real World Examples of it in Action! – CLICK HERE)

3. 5 Fast & FREE Ways To ATTRACT Seller Leads RIGHT NOW (Plus The 5X Formula For Seller Lead Success) – CLICK HERE for Instant Access

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