Attract MORE “Stop Paying Rent” Clients With This Brand NEW Template

Want to start connecting with more potential clients leveraging a fairly untapped opportunity on Facebook?

Here’s a cool NEW hook for you to try.

This is something that one of our members, Dutch, has been testing out for some time with VERY favorable results.

And the process is super simple.

Step 1: Create a “Stop Paying Rent” Landing Page for Your Target Market

Check out the screenshot above from one of our PipelinePagez that you can model. The copy can be something similar as follows: “FREE Weekly List of [YOUR CITY/ZIP] Homes For Sale (For a $XYZ Or LESS Total Monthly Payment)!” Read More...

New Construction Facebook Lead Ad (33 Leads for ONLY $1.75/each)!

Here’s a post that Josh recently shared in our private mastermind group, “Connect.”

It reveals some outstanding results that our member, Kathy, is getting using a VERY simple “Facebook lead ad” form to build a list of hungry new construction buyers.

As you can see, this is a super simple ad with no frills, yet it’s pulling in some REALLY high quality prospects into her pipeline FAST. Read More...

Weighing Your Social Media Management Options: CityBlast vs. Back At You

When it comes to Social Media Management, there’s a lot of options to choose from. It’s hard to know which company to use, but today we’re here to help. We’ll be comparing two of those companies: City Blast and Back At You.

1. Man vs. Machine

Who would you rather trust with your social media management? A man or a machine?

While Back At You’s automated posts are relevant to your market area, they are also broad and meant to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Since it isn’t mentioned who is making the post, they can also come off as impersonal. Read More...

The 1% Rule: Why Only A Few Real Estate Agents Reap The Most Rewards

Did you ever wonder why (and how) top earning real estate agents command 80% or more of the business?

Think about it for a moment.

How is it possible that a select percentage of Realtors seem to attract deals consistently, while approximately 80% of other agents will not renew their license once their two-year license period is up?

The reason is what we like to refer to as the 1% rule… Read More...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Best Times to Post on Facebook, LinkedIn & MORE?

You’re super busy…and time is money.

So how do you best leverage your social media marketing efforts to get the MAXIMUM engagement possible?

That’s a great question, and today we want to help you out by providing some general guidelines for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+.

All data is broken down by each specific platform using the super snazzy infographic directly below. Read More...