Creating Custom Pages With A kvCORE Real Estate Website

Video Transcription:

Hey, what’s up? It’s Josh Schoenly, co-founder of Client Alchemist and licensed agent with eXp Realty. Quick tutorial here on you can create custom pages on your kvCORE real estate website. Pages like this welcome page that’s at the top of my site here, and how you can have different video content or this custom neighborhood report as well.

Log in to your kvCORE interface. Click on web and IDX, and under custom pages here, right here under website content, custom pages, we’re going to click view slash edit, and we can create a new page or we can edit existing but we’ll click the new page. You can give it a title. You can add content. If you want to embed a video for example, you need to do that under source code. You can add insert links, do things like that. You can insert images, that type of content as well. You can decide on the URL, okay? You can give it … I’m sorry. You can actually externally link, this is where you can externally link. So if you wanted to add, I’m just using this for example, I’m not suggesting you do this, a link to your Facebook page. You could put title here and you can link out to the Facebook page.

This, the slug, is the URL. For example, the slug for this page is custom dash neighborhood dash report. The slug for this is just slash welcome.

You can add a category, you can choose a category, or create a new category; and then can give it meta tags, which is just telling the internet, telling Google for example what the page is about. So that’s how you can do that. I’ll just show you the pages here for example.

So this is the title, the category is welcome, the slug is welcome, and then here’s the example of the meta tag description and meta keywords that I used in this example.

And you can see, if I click on source code how I have embedded for example the iframe code from the YouTube pages. I’m sorry, from the YouTube videos. So the iframe code that you can get when you bring up a YouTube video and you choose the share … I’ll bring up a video and show that real quick. We click on a video, share, we’re going to click on embed which will give you an iframe code that you can then copy and paste into this. You can do the same thing into the code here. You can do the same thing, you can actually embed Facebook posts in there or other type of iframe code, et cetera.

So that’s how you can create custom pages in kvCORE. kvCORE is one of the many benefits that are included with eXp Realty.

And if you have any questions or would like any more help with this kind of stuff let me know. Thanks.

Creating Custom Pages With A kvCORE Real Estate Website