Today I have a story to share with you…

A poweful story that one of our longtime students shared with us recently, which includes some very important lessons that you can apply to your REI business right now.

Justin started his real estate business in 2010. He said at that time, although the market was pretty low, he was ready to go all gangbusters.

With a slightly rocky start, he closed 8 deals in his first year.

But in 2011 things began to change, and Justin began to study and follow the Client Alchemist way on a daily basis.

Taking consistent imperfect action, Justin quickly built up his team to 4 buyer’s agents, a listing specialist, and 2 full-time assistants.

By 2015, he and his team completed a whopping 220 deals in ONLY one year while edging out the former top dog in his market by about 15 deals!

And his team’s average selling price… a shocking $272,000 per deal.

So let’s look at that math to really give us some impressive perspective, shall we?

These 220 deals averaging $272k each comes to nearly $60 million in gross sales – with a big, fat M!

Here’s where this story gets even better…

Justin’s attributes a majority of his lead-generation and client attracting techniques to the proven process we teach here at Client Alchemist…

Without any cold calling, prospecting, pop-bys, chasing down prospects, or any other mind-numbing “old school” methods.

Justin went on to tell me that back in 2011, he blocked off a huge chunk of his day and followed my techniques step by step – doing each and every step – without taking a break.

And by the end of the day, he was actually already attracting potential clients.

And That’s When Justin Got Reported to His Real Estate Board for Illegal Activity…


In fact, he was generating so many leads that The Real Estate Board actually called him into their offices to tell him that what he was doing wasn’t fair and that he must be doing something wrong or unethical.

Here’s how that happened…

In one of Justin’s email blasts, he wrote that he was excited to say he had 800 total subscribers.

Shortly after, another Realtor from the Board happened to be one of those subscribers and complained to the Board that Justin was marketing other brokers’ listings by offering the deal he had.

The Board rules, however, say that’s allowed. Aside from the slap on the wrist, nothing else happened to him because it was 100% legal. Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?

This Realtor didn’t think it was fair that Justin – a newbie – was having so much selling success so early on. To this day, Justin still uses our programs and methods and tweaks them a bit to better fit his area and market.

But It Gets Even Better…

Because of one offer Justin created for a specific audience (new construction homes) he landed 6 builders as clients. One of those builders now does 40 deals a year with Justin, and they’ve double-ended a ton of deals using our systems.

The builders see that Justin is generating and attracting clients and leads, and they get those leads if they hire him. In other words, clients see the benefit in what Justin doing and everyone wins as a result.

Justin ended his story by telling me that he’s grateful for what our teachings have done for him. In his words, he says our programs have “boosted his career and entire lifestyle.” Justin shared his story with me in hopes that it can inspire others…agents just like you.

By now, I’m pretty sure you can tell that there’s a ton of valuable takeaways here, right? So what I want to do now is hone in on 5 specific lessons from Justin’s story that you can implement in your own business to bring you better results and get more of the kind of success you envision for yourself.

5 Top Reasons Why Justin Generates MASSIVE Results


Lesson #1

There’s raw power in simply taking action.Remember from Justin’s story how he said he sat down and went through our methods step by step and by day’s end he was already attracting clients? Well, that is the definition of taking massive action.

How did he do it? He was simply willing to dive in with both feet. He didn’t let fear get the best of him or create unnecessary reasons why it might not work or overthink it. Nope, he did the opposite. He put on blinders and took action. Period. He just did it.

And because of that, he very quickly got proof that – YES! – this most definitely does work. From that action, he created a belief not only in the techniques but in himself as well, which in turn, pushed him to take even more action on his part. This brought in more positive results, which then began to foster and create even more powerful belief in the techniques and himself.

That’s a big, lovely, wonderful cycle, isn’t it?!

So, look at yourself and your business. I am 100% sure that you can pinpoint something in your business that you should be taking action on. Am I right?

So, do what Justin did – block out a couple hours – a few hours – a whole day – put blinders on and JUST. DO. IT.

The only way you can get to your desired end result is to actually start the thing and finish the thing. Finished imperfectly is better than never finished.

So, do the thing. Take action on it, get some feedback and results, and then apply what you’ve learned from the process and do it again and better. Keep taking action.

Lesson #2

When you build an audience, business will find you. Justin told us that he was able to land 6 builders as clients over the years, one of whom he does about 40 transactions with a year.

These are people who found him, contacted him, and wanted to do business with him.


Because he built an audience with media that he owned that they wanted access to.

Look, there are loads of ways that you can leverage and monetize your audience and your media when you follow the Client Alchemist Way – those opportunities will find you over time if you do the work, which is the key.

You do the work – the business will come to you.

Lesson #3


It’s good to ruffle some feathers. I don’t need to sugarcoat this one, it would be counterintuitive to the message I want to convey here: If you’re not ruffling some feathers then you’re probably not being aggressive enough.

This makes me think of a guy named Dan Kennedy, whom I consider to have had a profound impact on my success through his books and programs. He said something like…

“If you’re not pissing somebody off with your marketing, it’s not good enough.”

So how does this play into Justin’s story? He got called into the Board’s office because someone thought his marketing ‘wasn’t fair’ and that it was ‘cheating.’ That certainly speaks to Mr. Kennedy’s advice, right?

But let me give you another example straight from own business. If I’m creating content (think email and video messages) that’s not getting some sort of reaction (good or bad)… then I need to rethink how I’m doing things.

You do not want to be just another Joe Shmo Realtor or Sally Somebody Agent. It is your job to create messages and marketing and stories that will polarize people – good or bad.

Want some real-life examples of this exact lesson?

Think of Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck – these are people who are extremely polarizing. People love ‘em or hate ‘em. But, either way,people are listening.

So, right here and now…come to terms with the fact that in order to get the results you want in your business, you are going to ruffle some feathers, and that’s a good thing. You will encounter people whom you’ve made jealous or for whatever reason you rub them the wrong way – it’s all okay.

Be okay with it starting now.

You don’t have to please everybody and make everyone happy. It’s actually good to create a reaction, even if it’s kind of a negative one. Of course, you do need to be honest and ethical at the same time.

Just remember: If you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nothing to no one.

Lesson #4


Stories are client magnets. Stories can be the most effective marketing material you use. Why?

Because they are engaging and attractive to people. Leverage the stories of your clients to attract more clients. They can also help you position yourself in such a way that you don’t even really have to do any selling.

What I mean is that if you serve your clients in a positive way, they will tell people how awesome you, how trustworthy you are, how great you are to do business with… all of it comes from your satisfied client, not even from you.

So, have this on your radar. Be intentional about finding stories you can use in your marketing. This isn’t just going to fall in your lap, though. It does require a little elbow grease on your part.

Maybe this way would work for you: A student of ours actually writes the client’s ‘story’ or ‘testimonial’ and simply gets their approval on it. While it’s a bit of work, this is a very powerful strategy because you control the story.

Maybe the story is something like this:

“I had been trying to sell my home for more than a year, and then finally, Mr. (Your Name) Helpful Agent came along. And because he is a known professional and already has a great audience, he turned my terrible selling situation into a done-and- sold situation.”

See how you can craft and control the story on their behalf? And some of your clients will be more than happy to sign off on something that. Some might even get on camera and record their awesome experience with you.

But keep in mind, not everyone is cool with this strategy and you may get a ‘no’ from time to time, and that’s okay because you’ll have a bunch of others that are ready anyway.

Leverage those testimonials – it’s powerful stuff in two ways:

1. They can help you get into conversations with more of your existing audience.

2. They also help grow your audience as well.

Lesson #5

Consistent action = exponential results. More specifically, here’s what I mean: Consistent action (in one direction) yields exponential results (over time).

We already talked about taking massive action in Lesson #1. So to bring this point home, I want to tweak Lesson #1 a bit… it really needs to be the right massive action. Because if you’re taking massive action and you’re doing the wrong thing, you’ll be no better off than before you took action.

Here’s an example of that: If you go out there tomorrow and start making a bunch of cold calls, well, you probably just wasted your day because you’re not going to get the results you need.

And, as much as it’s about taking the right action, it’s also just as important to do so consistently in one direction.

Because Justin took massive action, consistently, in the right direction – he went from doing 8 deals his first year to more than 200 deals just a few years later.

I even remember when he was a student with us in 2011. In his first 60 days with us, he closed 9 deals, that’s more deals in those 2 months as our student than he did the entire previous year.

These examples just go to show that you can get results quickly, but it also shows you can get exponential results over time.

Something I’ve heard my mentors say rings true here: We tend to overestimate what can be done over a short time, but we underestimate what can be done over a longer time.

The reason Justin was so successful over those few years was because he took consistent action in one direction creating exponential results for his business.

Now I encourage to really take a hard look at each of these 5 takeaways and discover how you can apply them to your business right now.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and comments below. Did one of these lessons hit home with you? Tell us about it.

How Justin *ZOOMED* from ZERO to 220 Deals a Year in Only 5 Years