A.C.E. is an acronym used by Mike Matheny, the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, in his book The Matheny Manifesto which he wrote while he was starting a travel baseball team in his hometown.

There are tons of great lessons in his book, not just for coaching but for business and parenting as well.

I’ve done my fair share of coaching over the years for my kids. I’ve coached everything from baseball to basketball to football and rugby. As I’ve coached my children through the years, I’ve found the A.C.E. acronym useful in all sorts of situations.

Since it is an acronym, each letter in A.C.E. stands for another word. Those words being: “A” for Attitude “C” for Concentration “E” for Effort A for Attitude, C for concentration, E for effort (sweatpants optional) It’s a mantra I’ve used over and over.

We want to have a great attitude, at practice and during games. We want to concentrate on every pitch, on every play, on every at bat. We want to give the maximum effort in everything that we do.

As long as we focus on having a great attitude, concentrate on what we want to accomplish, and give our maximum effort, it doesn’t matter what the scoreboard says, right?

aceitHowever, what’s interesting is that when we collectively do all those things, good results naturally follow. This is just as true in business as it is in athletics. So how does that apply to you getting more clients and sales?

Let’s say that you take us up on our offer for our PRO Membership. If you come in with a great attitude and believe that that the process we recommend and guide you through is going to work, that will get you started in the right direction.

If you concentrate on completing the tasks that we have outlined for our new PRO members, you’ll create momentum. You’re going to generate success. You’re going to create small wins that turn in to big wins.

Finally, if you come in ready to give maximum effort and do everything possible to get the results you want, well, when you combine all those things together you can’t lose.

In other words, don't be this guy...
In other words, don’t be this guy…
The sad thing is, we see people that come into programs with a bad attitude. People come in with an attitude of disbelief, basically saying, “Well, you know, I don’t think this works. I’m waiting for you to prove it to me.”

The problem is, when you come in with that kind of attitude, no matter what the situation is, the deck is stacked against you. If you come in with a lack of concentration, if you’re not willing to focus on going through the process and implementing the steps, the deck is stacked against you.

Lastly, if you come in not ready to give your maximum effort, if you’re half-assing your way through it, the deck is stacked against you. Your chances of success are actually next to none.

I share this with you for several reasons:

If you’re a parent, maybe you’re also a coach for one of your kid’s sports teams, you can start instilling the principles from this acronym in to your kids and their teammates.

If you have a team, this might be something you could talk about at a team meeting with your admins, your buyer agents, your listing agents, or other members of your team.

If you’re a PRO member or someone who is thinking about a PRO membership, I want you to come in with the right attitude, ready to concentrate on implementing the process and give your maximum effort.

Because when you do that, you can get the kind of results that we’ve seen in the stories from Phil Duke, Alex Ward, Sandy Rogers, Mike Kemper, Kurt Nowacki, and many others whose stories we’ve shared here and on our podcast, the list goes on and on.

It’s a simple concept, but it could have huge implications for you in your life, your business, as a parent, as a leader in your community, or any other number of ways.

Our question for you is – how are you going to apply this idea of A.C.E.?

  • Is it something you’re going to teach your children?
  • Is it something you’re going to teach your team?
  • Is it something you’re going to take up as your own personal mantra?

As a constant reminder to ask yourself – Am I bringing a great attitude to this situation? Am I concentrating on the right actions and activities? Am I giving my maximum effort?

Remember, if you can keep these things in mind, the results will follow.

We’d like to hear your thoughts, feedback and comments below and how you’ll be applying A.C.E. in your life. Tell us about it.


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