This is Josh Schoenly, co-founder of Client Alchemist, and I’ve got a story to tell you.

If you’ve read any of my blogs or listened to my podcast, you may know that I coach my son’s travel baseball team. I’ve been coaching baseball since the late 1990s. It’s a passion of mine.

When I was a kid I thought I was going to be a Phys. Ed. teacher and a baseball coach for the rest of my life. I still coach and teach. I just do it in a different way now.

The #1 Lesson I Learned From Coaching Baseball

Now, this story takes place during the first year that I coached him and it was interesting. The things I learned that year were very relevant not only to building a business, but also to nearly every other aspect of your life.

This story happened during a tournament. It was a big deal for my kid and it was a big deal for me. If you’ve ever coached you know how it is.

Our team made it all the way to the semifinal game. The thing was, the first several games of the tournament, we’d won very handily. Quite honestly, we weren’t very challenged by any of the other teams.

But when we got to the semifinal game the opposing team had this pitcher, and I’m telling you, this kid was huge.

He was throwing hard. He was throwing fast. And he was throwing strikes.

He struck out a number of our batters, which was unusual for us. My son, Kaden, was the first at bat.

He got struck out.

When the fifth inning rolled around Kaden was leading off, so I talked to him. I coached third. I was talking to him while the pitcher was warming up before I headed down to third base.

And I could tell something was a little off, so I said, “Hey, what’s up, buddy?” and he said to me,

“I don’t want to strike out. I don’t want to strike out.”

Well, unfortunately, right at that moment the umpire said, “Okay, we’re ready for a batter,” and I didn’t have time to address that way of thinking. And you can probably guess what happened next.

Kaden struck out…again.

Now there are several reasons why I believe he struck out. The most important of which is this: he was focusing on not striking out. This created the belief in his mind that he actually was going to strike out, because what you focus on expands.

My Son Hits His First Grand Slam Ever

The things that you focus on (whether positive or negative) expand. Click To Tweet

Even though Kaden was focusing on not striking out, his subconscious heard, “I’m going to strike out.”

Now, what does that mean? And how does it matter for you and your business?

Well, what you focus on expands. If you focus on building your business through door-knocking, cold calling, cold prospecting, and begging and chasing after business, all you’re going to get is more of that.

The only way you’ll be able to build your business and grow your business is by doing more than that – which might be okay.

Now, you may be one of the great minority, the one half of one percent of people who actually enjoy those activities.

But my guess is that those means of getting business aren’t things that you love. My guess is that just hearing the words “cold calling” made you cringe the way the way it makes me cringe.

How to Focus on The Right Things (And Know Exactly What They Are)

What we want to focus on in business and following the Client Alchemist Way is delivering, creating value, and making offers.

That’s how we can attract clients to us. And if we focus on those activities, more clients will be naturally attracted to us. So we need to be very careful what we focus on.

And we need to be careful about the information that we’re bringing in, because that creates our focus, and we need to make sure that we focus on the right things.

But how do you know what the right things are?

How do you know what to focus on if you want to learn attraction marketing, how to attract clients using digital marketing?

Well, that’s exactly what we teach.

Now, there are other companies that do it as well. I just urge you to be very careful and selective about who it is you’re listening to.

So don’t just listen to their words. Look for evidence that what they’re saying and what they’re teaching is what you want.

Is it what you want to focus on? Is it what you want more of?

What Happens When You Change Your Focus

Now back to the story – we ended up winning the semifinal game and we went on to the championship game. And I had some time in-between the semi-final and the final to refocus Kaden’s thoughts, attention, and way of thinking in the batter’s box.

And not so coincidentally, in the championship game he had several hits including his first ever grand slam.

Our team won. Actually we won handily.

That’s because there was a change of focus.

There’s one other little take away from this whole thing. After talking to Kaden about his focus, when he had his first chance to bat after that, he struck out.


And that happened even though at that point he was focused on the right thing and he was doing the right things.

He was following the right process and he still struck out, and that can happen in business too.

If You Focus on the Process for the Long-Term, the Results WILL Follow

There are times where we can do all the right things. We follow the right process and yet we don’t get the desired end result.

However, if we consistently focus on process over results and we focus on taking consistent imperfect right action, results will follow. Always.

They may not follow immediately. They may not come in the timeframe that we would like them to.

But I can guarantee you this – If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over time it’s this:

If you focus on the process for the long-term, the results will follow.

So be very careful what you focus on. Be very careful about the information that you take in and the actions you are taking. Look at everything objectively through your own lens and make decisions for yourself that make sense.

I hope that you will, at least, consider this and understand it and recognize that what you focus on expands. If you are focusing on negative things, if you’re focusing on the transaction, the deal that didn’t close, well, what are you going to get?

You’re going to get more deals that don’t close.

But if you focus on good things and you’re grateful for the good things in your life, the transactions that do close and the clients that are a pleasure to work with, you’re going to get more of those as well.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Let us know what your thoughts are below.

Tell us about what you try to focus on daily. We’d love to hear from you.


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