Listing Appointment With Facebook

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Hey, what’s up?

It’s Josh Schoenly with Client Alchemist and EXP Realty.

I want to show you how I got a listing appointment yesterday from a brand new Facebook ad using an offer that I’ve been talking about in these these lives this week, an offer that you can get more information about on a free training class that my partner and I have available to you. We’ll put a link to that above or in the comments, but here’s the coolest part about this.

This person, I put an ad out on Facebook and in less than 24 hours, I had my first listing appointment from that ad, and that person reached out to me. I didn’t have to do anything after creating the ad, other than respond to this text that came in from Chuck. “Hello, texting about the house selling ad on Facebook. I’d like to hear more. Our home is for sale by owner right now,” blah, blah, blah. He gives some more information. “We’d love to know. We’d like to get more information and see how you can help us.” That’s basically what it says right there. “Thanks for reaching out. When would be a good time to take a quick preview of the home to see if it qualifies? I could do tomorrow, late morning if that works,” and there was some interaction back and forth before we settled on a time to come check it out.

Pretty cool stuff. Now, I’ll bring up here as well and I’ll tell you what the ad says. I’ll just pull up my, my ads manager on the phone here. Incidentally, while I’m doing that, if you haven’t checked out the couple of other videos this week, I would highly recommend that you go back and check those out. Digging into how you can get listing appointments with for sale by owners, using the same sort of offering that I’m making in this ad here, that I will find hopefully in a minute and and show you and read it to you what it, what it sounds like. Okay, so here goes, let me find it. Let me find it. Let me find it. Where’s the actual ad? The actual post. There it is. Okay.

It says, it’s loading. “Thinking about selling your blank area home,” in this case, West Shore home. “What if you could sell it in 14 days for top dollar without paying any commission? What if you didn’t have to worry about any marketing, you had 100% control over when the property is shown, and we take care of all the tricky paperwork? Interested? Click ‘learn more’ below,” this is a lead ad. “Click ‘learn more’ below for more information.” When someone clicks on that ad, their information is pre-populated, and they can submit it.

It goes into the system that I’ve created for this. There’s a automatic email and text follow up. After setting up the ad, I didn’t manually do anything other than reply to Chuck and his text message to me. Pretty cool stuff. Now, I’ll be doing these live videos pretty much every day. You can expect that. I’ll keep you updated on the results as they continue to grow for that campaign, and some other campaigns that we are sharing as well, to generate appointments with buyers, with sellers and so forth.

If you’d like more information, if you were watching this and you’re like, “Well, I don’t understand. How could you make that offer? Yeah, that’s great that you got the appointment. How do you make that offer and make any money?” We show you exactly how to do that, and in fact how you can get up to 6% and even 7% at closing, making that offer. It’s not any kind of bait and switch. It’s not hokey pokey, it’s nothing crazy like that. It’s completely legitimate. It’s completely unique and will completely differentiate you in your marketplace, if you check it out and decide to move forward with it.

So you can check that out at

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Hopefully I can help you out in some way.

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Listing Appointment With Facebook