Local Real Estate “Market Update” Video Marketing Plan (Part 1)

Video Transcription:

All right, I think we’re good and we’re live. It’s Josh Schoenly, co-founder of Client Alchemist, and what we’re going to do in this video is show you part of my personal marketing plan to dominate my local market.

For those who don’t know, I’ve recently reactivated my license with eXp Realty, and I’ve done it for a bunch of reasons, one of which is so that I can document what I’m doing and share it with all of you.

Here’s what I’ve done so far. I’ve created a short video. It’s about two minutes with the weekly market update for my target market area. I’ll show you that video in a minute.

(If you’re watching this after the fact, this will probably be also a part of a blog post or some other piece of content where I’ll include the actual script.)

We’ll script out what I’ve said so you can model it and what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you the video and then what I’m doing with the video to leverage it. To turn it into a promotion. To get to a, get more of my ideal clients to connect with me, and b, get into conversation with more of those that are already connected as part of this process.

First, why don’t we check out the video itself. All right. Here’s the video.

Hey, what’s up, this is Josh Schoenly with eXp Realty with your Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update for week number two, the second week of April, 2019. You can check out the report, the market update for yourself by clicking the link above or below this video. When you do, you can see that currently, there are 152 properties listed in Hampden Township. There are 9 that are new this week, 43 that have had a recent price reduction. You can check out the open houses upcoming for this weekend. There’s a couple of foreclosures and short sales as well. Might be a good deal for you. The cool thing is, with this report, if you click on these numbers here, it will actually open up those results for you. So, I would definitely encourage you to kick the tires a little bit, bounce around, check it out. Then two last things I’ll point out. If you’re thinking about selling and you’re curious what your home might be worth, you can click this ‘sell’ button up here and get a free home valuation. It’ll give you an idea, and then if you’d like a pin-point price analysis, just reach out to me.

It’s one of the three ways that we help folks that are thinking about selling. We have a pin-point price analysis, we have a room by room review and then we do something called a silent market. If you are interested in any of those, just reach out. You can call or text me, shoot me an e-mail, send me a private message on Facebook, whatever is easiest for you. Then the last think I’ll point out is as you come and check this out, I’ll point out a couple of really cool search features. Under the options here, you can choose things like just listed, walkable, fixer-uppers, newly built, open houses. There’s a whole bunch  … pools. Summer’s just around the corner, maybe it’s time to buy a place with a pool, I don’t know, with waterfront and views, etcetera. Then there’s different financial options. You can really get creative here and you could even type in certain keywords and search like that as well. Thanks for checking out this week’s Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update. If you have any questions, let me know. Check out the link above or below and hopefully we’ll talk real soon.

Okay, so there’s the video. How did I create the video? Well, this is my kvCORE website. Now, don’t let that trip you up. If you don’t have a kvCORE website, you can just log into your MLS. Just log into your MLS and shoot a video like this.

How did I create the video?

I used Screencast-O-Matic. There’s a free version of it and then there’s their pro version or paid version. It’s very affordable and easy to use as well. There are other services as well like Loom, whatever the case, just try something.

I created the video and now what are we going to do with the video?

How are we going to leverage it?

I’m going to go on over to my local Facebook page and we’re going to upload it. I’ll show you that process and then I’ll show you the process of creating several different types of ads to promote it as well.

By the way, if you like this kind of stuff, I’m doing a new class called Retargeting Riches. This is a piece, a component of the process that I’m calling retargeting riches. It’s a four-week live bootcamp and we’re just going to give it to our pro members. If you’re a pro member, you’re going to get the bootcamp for free and if you’re not a pro member, we have a special going on this week where you can sign up at a discounted rate, and I’ll put the link to that in the comments at some point.

We don’t even have the link ready yet but if you’re interested, you can reach out to support@clientalchemist or private message me as well.

All right, so this is my local page and I’m just going to go here. I’m going to click on photo/video. We’re going to upload photo/video. I’m going to choose my video, the one I just showed and we’re going to describe it.

Here’s where we want to get a little creative. We want to draw attention to the video, so I’m going to use some emojis. On a Mac, I’m using control, command, spacebar. You may have different commands that you have to use if you’re using a Windows machine.

You can just Google search that, “How do I use emojis on my __ machine?” All right. Let’s click on these here and we’ll choose the double houses. I’m going to also do the megaphone. Yeah. Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll do these two houses … no, that wasn’t right. So, I’ve got to copy this and paste and then I’m going to put the megaphone on the other side of what I’m going to type here.

I’m just going to say, “Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update, April 9th 2019.” What else could we do to draw some attention to it? Well, I’m going to leave it at that. Then I’m going to grab my link from my kvCORE site where I did the report from. This is not necessary, or if you did it in your MLS, you might have a link. So, you can create a report and then have a link, e-mail yourself the link and you could make a shortened URL and post that as well. That would be a potential workaround.

By the way, if you have any questions about any of this, please let me know in the comments.

I will happily check all your questions and your comments, and answer them. For some of you, this might be a simple process and it’s like, “Yeah, this is no big deal.” For some of you, this is rocket science, and that’s fine.

Understand that either way, I’d love to help you with it. I’m going to choose a thumbnail that has my face although, man … I’m going to cancel that. That is not very becoming but for now, I’m going to leave that there. What I could do is snap a photo and do a custom image.

Since I brought it up, I’ll show you how to do it. We’ll open this back up, go back to the beginning and snapshot that although … Hold on, bear with me, I’ve got to get rid of … there we go. I’ve got to move this down here.

All right, so you can take a picture like that and you can upload that as a custom image. I’m actually not going to use it because it had some weird stuff in it and it has a play button, just not ideal for right this minute. I’ve got to add the title; Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update, 4/9/19.

All right.

Go back to video details.

Check out the update here.

We’ll leave that there, and I’m going to click next, and I’m going to publish it now. It will take just a couple of minutes to do that. You know what, I think … let’s see how quickly this uploads. I think what we’ll do is while this is uploading … you know what, I was going to show you what I’m going to do with this video on YouTube, but I’m going to shoot that as a separate video. I’m going to shoot that as a separate live.

I’ll share that later today or maybe tomorrow or maybe even just record it and upload it for those that are interested. (HERE IT IS)

It says my video is processing, so we’ll close out of that. Let’s see, we’re going to hit refresh. Bear with me, we’re recording and sharing live and so forth, so my computer is getting a little bogged down.

I probably also have too many tabs open. That probably is not helping things. Is it live yet, is the question. Again, folks, if you have any questions at all about any of this process, please let me know in the comments … there it is … please let me know in the comments, I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions whether it’s strategy or technical questions, whatever the case may be, I’m happy to answer them.

What I really want you to get out of this is the big picture of how this could look and this is a piece of my overall marketing plan where every Tuesday, I’m going to shoot these market updates.

It may end up being Monday like a Monday market update but we’ll see. Okay, so it’s live here. I’m not sure why it took me to here. I’m going to go see it on the page itself. Okay, so it’s live on the page now.

Now, let’s talk about what I can do to promote this.

There are a number of things I can do. I’m going to start with what we can do for free.

Number one is sharing to your personal profile. I’ll just do it right now. We’re going to click on ‘share’ and I’m just going to say, “Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update for the week.” I’m just going to go ahead and post it. So, that will go to my personal profile.

Now, if you belong to local real estate groups, and actually, this is something I keep forgetting to do. I’ve been meaning to create a local group and show you that process as well but I just haven’t gotten to that. Maybe we’ll get to that this week. In fact, I’m making a commitment here that I will, so that you all can hold me to it.

The other ways that I can share it … Now, why did it take me to here? I want to go back to the page.

Where’s the video? Yeah, I want to go back to it. We’ll go back to it on the Hampden Township page, and if you already belong to local groups, you can share this into those groups.

A great free way to get distribution, syndication of this content, all right?

I’ll show you what that looks like as well because I do belong to some local groups. You have to do it one at a time, which is a little annoying but not the end of the world. I’m working from home and I think my wife’s about to come in with some groceries, so let’s migrate to the office.

Okay. We’re going to find that content here. We’re going to find that here and you know what I’m going to do first before I even share it there? I’m going to pin this to the top. I’m going to pin it to the top of the page, and part of my protocol is I’ll leave that there for the week and then when I have a new one, it will always be the pinned post to the page.

There’s a whole lot of reasons for that. Number one, because it’s video, I can actually then increase my custom audience of video viewers, which is part of our retargeting riches sort of road map. It allows folks to get to see me and get to know, like and trust me and so forth. That’s going to be part of my plan each week is that I’ll pin that to the top. All right, so let’s show you how you can share to groups. We click this ‘share’ button again. Share in a group. Then we can start typing in the group name. Post that. I’m going to do all three.

I have at least three that are relevant to the area and even though they’re not specific real estate groups, everybody loves looking at real estate. I’ll post it to those two for now.

What else can we do?

Well, number one, and I’m not going to show this here, but you can take the link to this and e-mail it out. You can e-mail it out to your database or even text it out.

“Hey, it’s Josh. I just put the finishing touches on this week’s Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update. You can check it out right here,” and put the link to that. The way you get the link specifically to this video is if you click on … see it says four minutes here? If you click on that, it will open it up, it will give you the permalink.

Then this link right here is the permalink that you can send people to via e-mail and/or text. That’s another way but let’s talk about how we might create some ad campaigns for this. The process that I would look at for doing that. What happened to it? Let me close out of some of these. Maybe that will help with it being so bogged down. All right, so we’re back here.

The first thing I’m going to do is the simplest and easiest page strategy you can do, which is to simply boost the video. I’ve built up. In a couple of weeks, I have 338 fans of the page, so I’m going to boost it first and foremost. In this case, I’m going to add a button. I’m going to click ‘add a button’ and ‘learn more’ and I’m going to put the link to report or the market update on the page. We’ll put that there. I’m going to leave it at ‘get more people to watch your video’, which is the default that came here. I need to select the right ad account.

Notice that the Facebook pixel is working there. That’s part of our retargeting riches road map or strategy. I’m going to leave it at $10. Today’s Tuesday, I’ll have it run through Friday. You know what, no, I’m just going to do Tuesday through Thursday so it will be 5 bucks a day. The two options that I would have you consider here would be people who like your page or people who like your page and they’re friends. In this case, I’m going to do people who like the page and they’re friends because there’s social proof in that, and birds of a feather flock together, we’ve all heard that. That’s what I’m going to do in this case. Either one is fine but that’s what I’m going to do in this case. So, we’re going to click ‘boost’. It’s submitting.

Then I’ll show you one other strategy because this is already getting a little lengthy but I’ll show you one other way where I’m going to create an actual ad campaign. Instead of using this boost button, I’m going to create an ad campaign from the ads manager.

I’m in my ads manager, and I’m going to click ‘create’ right here. For a video like this, I’m going to recommend one of two things, either engagement or video views. Either one is probably fine. We’re not really noticing much of a difference in choosing either of them, so I’m going to choose engagement. I’m going to do HTL, which is Hampden Township Living market update video and today’s date. Now, we have lots of options here for audience but what I’m going to do, because I’ve been very strategically building custom audiences of people who have already self-selected that they’re interested in Hampden Township Real Estate. I’m going to run this as more of a retargeting where I’m going to select people who have already engaged to run this to because I’m trying to move them down a path or take them down a funnel or lead them through a pipeline.

It all means the same where I’m taking them from not knowing who I am and thinking about real estate to a real interest in buying or selling real estate and an awareness of me, my personal brand and my ability to help them with what they are looking to do. Now, if I hadn’t done any of that, I would simply choose our standard process of targeting, which again, we outline for our pro members and so forth, and I even have a saved audience here. I’ll even bring it up for you. I’m in the wrong ad account, so it’s not even there. I can’t even show you because I’m in the wrong ad account. Actually, I’m going to switch that because I want to make sure that we do this properly. I want to get in the right ad account.

Again, folks, I mentioned it several times.

Two things, if you have any questions, if you’re not sure about this, if you have a strategy question, a technical question, let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to jump in and answer those.

This process is part of a bigger picture strategy that I have been crafting and honing and tweaking and so forth, and implementing in my own real estate practice over the last few weeks, and that I’m going to be sharing as part of a brand new course called Retargeting Riches. It’s a four-week live bootcamp that will start next week and that you can get … if you’re a pro member, you’re going to get it for free, and if you’re not a pro member, when you sign up for pro, which we’re running a special this week. When you sign up for pro, you’re going to get the course for free. You’ll get lifetime access to the course just for signing up as a pro member.

Let’s do this again here. HTL Market Update vid, 4/9/19. Okay. I’m going to choose some custom audiences. We’re going to choose just some audiences that I’ve already created. People who have watched 95% of one of my videos on here recently. Lead form clicks, if they clicked on a lead form in the last seven days, they’ve watched 25% or more. We’ll just do the last seven days. We’ll try and take people who have already recently engaged and move them down a slippery slope here. I’m going to choose a lifetime budget and I’m just going to choose $20. Not a ton here. Just a small budget over … You know what, I’m going to go even less than that. I’m going to go 10 bucks. We did a $10 boost, I’m going to do a $10 thing here.

Really, these strategies, for even smaller numbers, you can see tremendous results because of the fact that we’re retargeting people that have already engaged with us. We have hyper-interested, hyper-motivated people that we’re calling back to us. I’m going to live it to run ads at all times and let’s see here, we’re going to use an existing post but I’ve got to find the right page. I’ll type that in. it’s taking a minute for Instagram to populate. There it is. This is the post that was just created. Now, I’m going to get an error here that’s going to say that this is too long and the wrong sizing for Instagram. That’s fine, it’s not a big deal. I just ignore it. Get better results, trend landing page views, I’m going to leave that at that. I’m not going to do any of that stuff. I’m just going to let it rip as it is here and I’m going to go ahead and confirm it, and there you have it. It’s ready to rock and roll.

A couple of asks of you.

If you like this idea, you think this is pretty cool, let me know, hit the ‘like’ button.

If you found this valuable or helpful in any way, please do me a huge favor and share with others in our community.

If you have any questions whatsoever, leave your questions in the comment.

I’ll be happy to answer any and all of those questions. Then I’m going to tease you with a couple of things.

I will go live here again or share a video showing you how I’ll take this same video and leverage it on YouTube and with Google Ads. That’s number one.

Number two, I may even create one sending it as an e-mail to my database, and I’ll show you how to do that as well.

Lastly, listen, a plug for the Real Estate Riches four-week live boot camp. If this is the kind of stuff that you think is awesome and you understand how it can transform your business but you’re just not sure how to do it and you want some help with that, then I would highly recommend that you join us for the bootcamp and you can do that by becoming a Client Alchemist pro member today. We have a special going on this week as part of a bribe for lack of a better term, to check it out and to get lifetime access to the Real Estate Riches four-week live boot camp. We don’t even have the link ready yet but if you’re interested in that, you can email support or you can comment below and we’ll put it down there when it’s live and available as well.

Thanks for checking this out, thanks for sticking with me during some of the slow parts of this. I certainly appreciate the comments and feedback that I know are going to be coming, and I look forward to talking with you again real soon.

Local Real Estate “Market Update” Video Marketing Plan (Part 1)