Local Real Estate “Market Update” Video Marketing Plan (Part 2) – YouTube Syndication

Video Transcription:

I showed you how to and gave you the script for creating a very simple video market update. Just going over a real estate market update for your area, and how to take that and leverage it on Facebook.

I promised you that I would show you how we would leverage it in other ways as well, specifically YouTube, even Google ads, a blog post, et cetera.

So, I’m going to unpack all of that right now on this one as well. Let me know if you’re excited for that. Click the light button below, let me know in the comments and we’re going to go ahead and dig in. Share my screen.

All right, so we’re going to bring up the old YouTube.

By the way, if you didn’t watch yesterday’s, it probably makes sense to watch that one first. Go on my page and probably click on videos and check out real estate market video, marketing plan or something like that.

I’ll show you step one of that process, how I created the video, how I edited the video and even the script of the video. Actually, the script you can find on our blog because I transcribed all of that and put it up there.

So, here’s what we’re going to do. We have the raw video file, we’re going to upload it to YouTube and we’re going to do some very, very simple optimization.

I’m going to click ‘upload video’ up here at the top right and I’ve got to find the right video.

Let’s see here. That’s the right video. So, we’re going to call this the Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update, 4/9/19. Now, there’s a chicken and the egg thing here.

Ideally, you want to put a link in your description and I can, and what I will do for the time being is put a link to the market update URL that I used in the video. However, one of the things I’d like to do with this video is turn it into a blog post, and embed the video, and so forth.

Ultimately, I want to point this at the blog post and you’ll see why when we do that. I’ll actually walk through that process with you here live as well. I’m going to put this here and when I paste this here, I’m going to put Enola, PA, 17025. Mechanicsburg, PA, 17050.

The reason being, my target area is a little odd. Hampden Township is actually parts of two different zip codes and parts of two different cities or towns.

So, for example, what I mean is, Hampden Township, where I live in Hampden Township is Enola but not all of Enola is Hampden Township. Then there are other parts of Hampden Township that are Mechanicsburg but not all of Hampden Township is in Mechanicsburg. I’m including those in there just as other search terms that might come up.

There’s probably some other search terms that I ought to use but for now, I’m just going to do that. I’m just going to put Hampden Township Real Estate. We’ll go Hampden Township homes for sale, Hampden Township houses for sale, Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update, Enola, PA real estate, Enola, PA homes for sale, 17025 homes for sale. You get the idea. 17025 real estate. I’m just putting these as tags which can help it get found a little bit more easily. Mechanicsburg homes for sale, Mechanicsburg houses for sale. Okay.

I’m going to leave this set to public and we’re going to publish it, and it’ll take a minute. Actually, it won’t even take a minute, here it is. It’s live and up on YouTube.

Now, there are several things that I can do with this video to help with syndication and I’m going to walk you through each of those here.

Number one is, I can actually run a video ad on Google ads to drive people to this. In this case, in my case, I’m going to do it as a retargeting ad. What I’m going to do is take the people that have already engaged, that they’ve visited my website or they’ve engaged with other videos like this one, and I’m going to show it to them. For very minimal cost, I can brand myself and retarget myself as the local expert.

For those of you interested in this kind of stuff, you want to dive deeper on this kind of stuff, I’m actually doing a four week live boot camp starting next week called Retargeting Riches…

I’ll show you this among a number of other strategies and the big picture formula for creating a celebrity authority type of presence. A presence such that virtually 100% of your local target market, virtually 100% of people that are interested in your target area in real estate will know like, and trust you, recognize your real estate brand and know that you can help them as a real estate professional. It’s going to be killer. I’m really excited for that. I’ll put a link for how you can get access to that in the comments after the fact as well.

Anyway, back to this. So, that’s one way we can run a video ad.

Another thing we can do with this video to syndicate it is “to create a blog post” and embed the video in that. I’m going to show you that in just a minute.

Another thing that we can do is we can create a playlist for these updates and then every time we create a new one, we’re going to add it to the playlist. I’m going to do that with you right here and now. I might fumble a little bit because I haven’t done this a ton.

But what we’re going to do is we’re on the video itself. One thing I do recommend that will help with syndication is as soon as the video is uploaded, watch the whole video and actually like the video. If you have other channels that might be relevant or kind of related, you can switch to your other channel, watch the video and like that as well.

It’s a little hack that you can do.

Let’s create a playlist around this Hampden Township Market Update idea. Right here, if you notice, next to the share is like three lines and a plus button. I’m going to click that and I’m going to create a new playlist. I’m going to call this Hampden Township PA Real Estate Market Update. Interestingly enough, I have more characters here available to me. You have up to 150 characters. I’m going to add the other towns and zip codes. Properties and homes for sale. I’m really keyword stuffing that. I’m going to leave this set to public, and I’m going to go ahead and create that playlist.

Now, what I want to do, I have created one or two other videos that might be relevant to this playlist currently. I’m going to go and add those and then every time I create a new market update, which I’m going to do every Tuesday I think. It will either be Monday or Tuesday, I haven’t settled in on that. Every time I create a new one, I’m going to add it to that playlist. But let’s go and see if we can go back in and add any that might be relevant to the playlist as well currently. This is where I thought I might fumble a little bit because I haven’t done this a ton. It’s taking a minute to load here, bear with me. Why aren’t you loading? There we go. Where are playlists? Let’s just see if this works.

I’m going to select this one. Yeah, I can. Nice. Okay. I’m going to select that one and I guess maybe that’s the only other one. No, I’m going to select also like those two. They’re not as congruent, but I just want to get some videos in there because what will happen is … Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. I select those videos that I want to add. I’m going to click on ‘add to playlist.’ I’m going to choose the playlist that we just created, and select save. Now I’ve got four videos in that playlist. Now, if you’re just doing this for the first time, it’s fine. You can just have one in there and then as you create new ones, you want to add those to the playlist. If you create other types of videos like videos about a new listing or a video of property tours, you want to create playlists for each of those.

Then you might even create a playlist that is just general for all of your videos related to your market target area. I might create one that just is Hampden Township, PA Real Estate, and I’ll put anything that’s related to that in there.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

That’s the first part.

The next thing I want to walk through is I’m going to create a blog post for this market update. I’m going to use kvCORE to create by blog posts. That’s the website platform that I’m using. It’s included with eXp Realty, which is the broker that I reactivated my license under. Most of you are going to have access to some kind of blogging platforms, so it may not look exactly the same how to do it but you can see the components that I’m going to include there and why I’m making a blog post specific for the market update even though I have that market update page.

In kvCORE, under quick actions, I’m going to click ‘blog post’ and I’m going to click ‘add post’ and I’m going to call this the same thing, Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update, 4/9/19.

Now, to put the video on here, to embed it on here, I’ve got to go back to the video, click on share, and then I’m going to click on this embed button. Then I’m going to copy that and just make sure that none of these other things are toggled on or off. I would definitely leave ‘show player controls’ toggled on. I don’t want to enable this and I don’t want to start it at anything funny.

I’m just going to do the default there but sometimes the default is different. Okay. In kvCORE, to embed the video, I’ve got to click on this source code button, so I’ll click on that.

You know what? This can get buggy. For whatever reason, almost every time in kvCORE, and you might find this as well. I go to create something, the first time I open up different boxes, I can’t paste anything in there, I don’t know why. But if I close it out and put it back in and then it works. I’m going to paste in the title of the market update video and I’m actually going to link back to the video itself. This linking can help with SEO and can help just people kind of interweaving together.

Above, please find your Hampden Township Real Estate Market Update. Check out the update in the video. Click here. I’m going to edit all of this in a minute. If you’d like to see a list of all the Hampton township homes that have sold in the last week, you can click here. Lastly, whenever you’re ready, there are three free services we can offer you if you’re thinking of selling. Now, let’s go ahead and edit this. I’m going to copy most of what I did here and remove the bold. That’s step one.

Step two, I need to bring up this URL, which was the market update that I actually showed in the video. So, I’m going to hyperlink that here.

Now, this offer here, “If you’d like to see a list of all the Hampden Township homes that have sold in the last week, you can click here.” I can’t do that with my kvCORE site because my MLS doesn’t display the just sold properties for whatever reason in the IDX feed. Yours might. However, the way I’m going to do that is I’m going to go into my MLS, I’m going to create the point with the report and then I’m just going to link to it there. So, let me get rid of this here. Let me log into my MLS. Our MLS is bright.

Please let me know if you’re watching this live, and you like this kind of stuff. Please let me know by liking and commenting. If this is the kind of stuff that you’d like me to do more of, I’d be happy to. But I want to make sure it’s the kind of stuff that you’re looking for. Interesting, I only got three matches in the last seven days? I would have thought there was more. Doesn’t even matter if I go eight. Well, whatever. We’ll show the results. I’m going to change this from agent one line to client gallery.

I’m going to select all and I’m going to choose to email because I want an actual link. All I’m going to do is I’m going to email it to myself. It doesn’t really matter what test, it doesn’t matter. I just need to get that URL. Okay. Now, I need to find it in my email and I can see on my phone that it already got there, so that’s good. I’ve just got to go grab it. We’ll open here. All right. I’m going to click on this. Click on the URL and close back out of this and this just because I think it’s bogging things down. I’m going to copy the URL. Why is it one total listing? Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten out of . I must have done something wrong. Okay, well back to it we go. Let’s go back here. Maybe I didn’t select all. Maybe I only selected the first one, so let’s go back here. We’ll go back here.

Results. Select all. Gallery. Still, all of them selected. Email. Email back up. Hopefully we did it right this time. There we go. There’s all three. I must have just accidentally only selected one. I’m going to click on … you can click here. Actually, I’m going to bold this and then bold this.

All right. Now, this kind of offer here, these three free services, I’m going to pull up clues out of this stuff. Let me pull up in my kvCORE because I have it in kind of a signature file area in a lot of my follow up emails.

They’re three free service offers that I got from none other than the one and only Dean Jackson. So, credit where credit is due. But you don’t have to be able to make these exact offers. These spark some ideas for you hopefully, and you can certainly model them, but you don’t have to have these exact offers.

I’m just going to copy them from here and paste them in here and that’s it. That’s all I’m going to do with this post. Well, that’s not all I’m going to do with it. After I create it, what I’m going do … now, I’ve published it … what I’m going to do is then share it on my Facebook page and I might share it to my personal profile. I might also share it to groups like I showed yesterday but in this case, instead of being direct to the video, what is happening is that people will go to the blog post on my site. Unfortunately, there is a lag from the time that you hit publish to the time that new blog posts show up with kvCORE. So, I’m not going to be able to do that here because this is an older post and it hasn’t updated to the latest.

I’ve seen that it takes sometimes up to an hour and even longer but maybe I’ll show that. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested. Once that does go live, maybe we’ll show that as well. Okay. We’re going on a while here. Let me check in on the comments to see what we’ve got here. Do you want me, would you like me to show you how I would create the video retargeting ad campaign?

If we’ve gotten any engagement here, maybe that’ll be an indication as to whether we should keep going with that. Well, we haven’t. Well, I’ll tell you what, I said we would, so we will. I’m going to close out of these things and I’m going to go to ads.google.com. This’ll be the last thing that we do in this particular video training.

I’m going to go to ads.google.com and what we’re going to do, as I mentioned, but just to confirm, we’re going to take this video and we’re going to re target. We’re going to show this video, this real estate market update video to anyone who has visited my website in the last … it’s either 30 or 60 or 90 days, I’m not even sure. I’m running some other similar campaigns where we’re getting … so for example, this retargeting video.

I got 29 people to view the video. 29 impressions, 29 people who had already visited my website, who are seeing my face, hearing my name, hearing my brand, getting to know me. 29 people for a dollar and 24 cents. Now, if that’s not bananas, I just don’t know what is.

We’re going to build out a similar campaign to that. We’ll go to campaigns. Actually, it’s got video campaigns. Well, it doesn’t matter. Campaigns, plus sign, new campaign. We’re going to choose ‘create a campaign without a goals guidance’ because we’re going to choose video. Again, we went to campaigns, we hit the plus sign, new campaign and we’re going to choose ‘create a campaign without a goals, guidance’ and we’re going to choose video. We’re going to choose custom video campaign and hit continue.

Again, I’ve said this a couple of times, but if this kind of stuff is making sense to you and it’s resonating with you, but it’s overwhelming or confusing but you understand the opportunity that is available, the opportunity that that was so big in my opinion, and so amazing, caused me to reactivate my license so I could take advantage of it then you definitely want to check out our Retargeting Riches four week live boot camp. It is free for our pro members. So, if you’re already a pro member, you’ll be getting access to it, and if you’d like to get access, all you have to do is get signed up for pro and we’re running a special this week.

I’ll put a link in the comments after I wrap up or you should be able to go to retargetingriches.com, and get it there. All right, so I’m going to say Hampden Township Market Update video, 4/9/19. Today’s the 10th but I shot it. We’re going to do daily for a dollar. $1 a day. That’s it. I’m going to set an end date on this because I’m going to commit to shooting a new one next week. So, I’m going to have the end date be next Monday. It will run for today, next Monday, that’s a total of $6 because it’s six days. $6. I’m going to do maximum CPV. I’m going to leave this, I’m going to leave this. I’m literally going to do virtually nothing with this. I’m going to call this ad group one. It doesn’t even really matter.

Demographics. Now, here’s where we can drill this down. What I’m going to do, so see this here, this audience of 620 people, this is the 620 people that have landed on my website and been pixeled or cookied to this list over the last, I believe it’s 30 days. I’m going to select both of those options. I can also mess with the demographics and play around with that as well. I’m going to remove 18 to 24 in this case just because. I’m literally going to do nothing else here. For maximum cost per view, I’m going to say 10 cents. What I’m saying is, I don’t want to pay any more than 10 cents for someone to view my video, which is super cheap.

Now, the last step in this process, we have to get the video URL and I’m going to choose as an instream ad. I will call them back to the market update. If someone clicks on the buttons associated with the video then they’re going to be sent to that market update page. That was the page that I was on when I shot the original video. You can add a call to action. In this case, I’m not going to. You know what, I’m going to say, “Click here.”

I’m going to say Hampden Market … I can’t even put that. Check it out. Where is that going to go? Yeah. So, it just says, “Check it out. Click here.” Now, that’s not necessary, but I could just as easily just leave that off. It is optional but we started to play around with it, so I thought I’d show you. Then I’m not going to do anything with this. Ad name; video 4919. Save and continue, and voila. That’s it. Congratulations. Your campaign is ready. Now, It may take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day for it to start showing. Ideally, I would have done all of this yesterday, I just had a lot on my plate between creating that other video, etcetera and getting my processes dialed in.

Plus, it always takes me a little longer when I’m actually recording because I’m trying to talk through the process instead of just racing through it. Not racing through it but running through it.

Anyway, if all of this is interesting to you and you can see the value in it and you understand the opportunity here in the ability to literally have virtually 100% of your target area, virtually 100% of those people who are thinking about buying or selling real estate. For you to be able to have them know, like, and trust you, to be able to build a rapport and relationship with them such that they know your real estate brand, they know that you’re a real estate professional that can help them, and that when their motivation hits a tipping point, they’re just going to call you. They’re just going to text you. They’re just going to send you a message. They’re going email you, whatever the case may be.

This is the kind of stuff that I’m going to be walking you through and showing you exactly what I’m doing in my practice locally here and how you can model that as well with this four week boot camp. You can check it out when you become a Client Alchemist PRO member.

If you like this kind of stuff, let me know.

Click the like button, comment and let me know.

I’d be happy to create more of these kind of live training videos for you all.

I appreciate you checking this out, and hope to talk with you again real soon.

Local Real Estate “Market Update” Video Marketing Plan (Part 2) – YouTube Syndication