Nextdoor Real Estate Sponsorship Ads – Marketing Idea

Video transcription below:

Hey everybody, this is Josh, I want to show you one of the great features and great ways that you can use and leverage a Nextdoor real estate ad sponsorship

If you are (using Nextdoor sponsorship), you get to post two bits of content per zip code per month.

And what I’m going to show you here is an example of what I’m going to be doing once a month. One of my posts each month is going to be a market update specific for that zip code. And so I’m going to click on Share An Update and I’m actually paying for sponsorship for two zip codes. Right here if you notice, you can choose to post to both or you can choose a specific zip code. I’m going to choose this zip code, because this is what the content is about. And then the subject I’m going to do is 17025 Real Estate Market Update.

I actually used the same service that I’m using to record this video which is Loom. It’s a free Chrome extension. It’s awesome. And I created a video here, a short little video, which I’ll show you in a minute.

All I’m going to do here is, let’s see if I can get, what did I put here? Yeah, so, “You can check out this month’s 17025 real estate market update at”

What I did was I went on NameCheap, bought this URL:, and pointed it at a page on my kvCORE website.

kvCORE websites are included as a member of EXP Realty, and the platform is awesome.

So the link that this is forwarding to is just this here. It’s my URL slash areas slash and then in this case, the zip code, this works for all kinds of different things, zip codes, towns, lots of cool functionality. So that’s all I’m pointing them to.

It’s a short little video and I’m going to go ahead and post that. And then this will show up in the feed in NextDoor. It’s really great.

Actual Market Update Video Script:

“Josh Schoenly with EXP Realty, with your real estate market for 17025. You can check out the full report for yourself at the link should also be above in the description. A quick walkthrough. As you can see as we scroll down here, currently there are 81 listings in 1702, right now there are three that are new, 30 that have had a price reduction, would be a good deal. You might want to check those out. Also, you can check out upcoming open houses. There are a few foreclosures available as well, and all you have to do to check out the specific listing criteria is just click on the box, and you’ll be taken to those results. It’s just taking a minute here to load, and you can check them out for yourself. So go ahead and do that. And then that if you have any questions about any of those listings or anything at all you or feel free to email or call me or text me as well. Thanks for checking this out and see you next month.”

Unfortunately it sounds like some of my audio got a little wonky there. It is what it is. However, here’s the takeaway for you…

You don’t have to have a kvCORE site to do this.

It’s awesome to be able to use it, but you can do this and record yourself right in your MLS, or if you have another IDX you might be able to do it there and this is going to be part of my weekly marketing strategy.

Now I can only post it on NextDoor (once or twice per month), I can’t post it weekly into NextDoor, but I will be using this strategy as well as part of my social media Facebook strategy in addition to this.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, let me know…talk soon.

Nextdoor Real Estate Sponsorship Ads – Marketing Idea