Just Sold Real Estate Postcards

Just Sold Real Estate Postcards

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Josh Schoenly with Client Alchemist and I want to show you how incredibly simple, easy and effective it is for you to send just sold postcards for your real estate business using a service called thanks.io. Incidentally, in the description you’ll find a link, a special link, where you can get a free trial of the service and check it out, as well as some great videos, other ideas, tips, tricks and strategies that you can use with this as well. (http://ClientAlchemist.com/thanks)

But let’s show you how super easy it is for you to create just sold postcards with this service.  Read More...

6 Steps To QUICKLY & CONSISTENTLY Building Your Buyers List!

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Hey It’s Josh and here we go with blog post #2 in this part series. 

If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out post #1 RIGHT HERE first.

Now as promised in part one, today I’m going to walk you through our six step process for quickly and consistently building your buyers list, what we believe is the number one asset for you in your real estate sales business. Read More...

Your #1 Asset As A Real Estate Professional?

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It’s time POP QUIZ time!

Now, don’t get flustered though because I’m actually going to give you the answer…

Alright, here goes:

What’s your number one asset as a real estate sales professional?

The number one thing you should be focused on growing each and every day, in my humble (but accurate 🙂 opinion. Read More...

Real Estate Postcards – “New School” Ways To Generate Listings & Referrals With “Old School” Postcards

Real Estate Postcards – “New School” Ways To Generate Listings & Referrals With “Old School” Postcards

Video Transcription:

Josh Schoenly: Welcome, everybody. It’s Josh with a very special guest, a very long time friend. Many of you may know him from our previous venture, or you may know him from other things, as well, inside real estate conversion, et cetera. The special guest we have for you today is Ryan Hartman, and Ryan is going to walk through some new school ways that we can generate listings and referrals with old school real estate postcards. It’s a pretty, pretty cool, relatively new platform that is really powerful. It’s something that I’ve been using. We’ll get into how and maybe even some examples, and something that I would highly recommend you all consider checking out and play around with, kick the tires, if you will. We’ll show you how you can do that very easily and even try it out for free. Read More...

Struggling with “lead conversion”? This should help:

Struggling with “lead conversion”? This should help.

Video Transcript:

We hear very often from real estate agents that their biggest struggle is with “lead conversion”. Turning leads or prospects into actual clients, actual transactions. If this is something you’re struggling with as well, then I think this video is going to help you.

Here’s the deal. If that is something you’re struggling with it’s really one of three things. It might be a combination of the three, but it really comes down to three things, okay. This is kind of simplistic, but I promise you, if you understand this, it will help you address the problem and figure out the solution. Read More...

Are you inadvertently REPELLING real estate clients?

Are you inadvertently REPELLING real estate clients?


I had a conversation this morning with a former client in our partner program who’s looking at coming back. And through our conversation, we realized some things he was doing that was unknowingly or inadvertently repelling clients from him.

Obviously, he wasn’t doing it on purpose. He thought he was following best practices when it comes to following up and communicating with potential clients. Read More...

Are you a real estate “specialist” or “general practitioner”?

Real estate “specialist” or “general practitioner”?

Here’s something that might help your perspective if you’re looking to grow your real estate sales business…

We talk to a lot of real estate agents each and every week and one of the things they struggle with is getting crystal clear on their ideal client who they want to attract to them and do business with them. (Identifying your ideal real estate client is step 1 of the four steps outlined in my best-selling book ATRACT, click here for more info or to grab a copy.) Read More...

[ACCESS] 3 Top Converting “Downsizing & Retirement” Friendly Templates

Ahhhh retirement.

It’s an exciting (and sometimes scary) season for many empty-nesters and hard working individuals, as they begin to consider next steps…

And it’s also a golden opportunity for YOU, Mr./Mrs. real estate agent, to help these folks fulfill some of their lifelong dreams!

Whether it’s to finally settle on that long awaited vacation home along the lake, or to completely simplify life, you’ve got options to connect with your ideal client.

And today I’m going to break down 3 specific ideas that have been tested in many different markets with VERY favorable results, to help provide you with some extra inspiration.

Check them out and consider which of the following (or perhaps all 3) match your ideal “buyer profile” for your local market…then TAKE ACTION (-:

1. Single Story/Ranch Style Homes

Here’s an offer that can be used universally, regardless of what market you’re in.

Since many people who’re looking to downsize also want to find a good home to settle into (that doesn’t require a whole lot of going up and down stairs)…

This is an ideal way to call out to your audience and give them exactly what they want IMMEDIATELY (instead of wasting hours on ZILLOW).

Now, keep in mind that there are also multiple ways you can position this.

You could do a Free list of all ranch style homes…Or you could call out a specific segment such as, “brick style ranches,” “ranches with basements,” “ranches with pools,” etc.

The more specific you get…often the better (as long as there is a DESIRE for it).

Here’s an example ad:

Real Estate Agents: Swipe This EPIC Molson Canadian Ad Formula Today

Check out this brilliant idea shared by marketing genius, Dean Jackson the other day.

Several years ago Molson Canadian beer ran a full page ad in a women’s magazine that featured a well-dressed, male model holding puppies along with the following tagline:

The intersection of masculinity and sensitivity. His beer is Molson Canadian

Now here is where it gets REALLY interesting (-:

It turns out that Molson was leveraging this exact strategy, so that they could target men’s magazines with the following ad:

Hundreds of thousands of women pre-programmed for your convenience.

And below this headline was a photo of the ad that was being run in the women’s magazine!

In other words, Molson is communicating “Hey guys, we got your backs.”

Now, whether you love or hate Molson’s angle here is besides the point.

The reason I am sharing this with you today is because it got me thinking, how could our clients leverage this exact same idea for their real estate businesses?

And here’s the secret sauce I came up with (-:

How to ATTRACT “Come List Me” Sellers IMMEDIATELY Leveraging Molson’s Ad Strategy

The primary question you should be asking yourself is, “How can I be a real estate matchmaker?”

And the first idea that IMMEDIATELY came to mind for me was to mirror Molson’s advertising strategy above so you can *ATTRACT* potential “come list me” sellers.

Here’s how…

Step 1: Build your buyer’s list

One thing that we believe really STRONGLY in at Client Alchemist is to focus on niche offers so you can connect with hyper targeted buyers for your chosen area.

Some of these “hooks” include:

  • New construction homes
  • Price reduced properties
  • Luxury homes
  • Waterfront properties
  • Homes with pools
  • Golf course homes
  • Homes in a specific school district

Whichever hook you choose, it’s important that you setup your offer to be a “FREE weekly list.”

That way, your prospects will have the expectation to receive emails from you weekly, PLUS it sets you apart from other [insert expletives] like Zillow (-:

Step 2: Run a seller referral offer post

Here’s where it gets really fun.

Now that you’re starting to build a consistent and predictable flow of “ready now” buyers, it’s time to find them some homes to move into.

1. First, create a post on your fan page that says:

“I currently have XYZ motivated, handpicked buyers who are looking to buy [INSERT your niche offer from above] homes in [CITY/ZIP/NEIGHBORHOOD]. And every day we’re adding more to our list, which means we need inventory, FAST! Who do you know that’s looking to sell?” (-:

2. For your ad targeting, select “homeowners” and your chosen neighborhood/area(s) where these homes are likely available and then promote your post.

Step 3: Send a VIP notification to your buyers list Read More...

68 Phone Leads in ONLY 19 Days With 1 “Just Listed” Ad

Would you like to attract more leads with valid phone numbers…consistently?

Of course this is ideal, but you and I both know that it’s easier said than done.

In most cases, when a phone number is a required field on your form, one of two scenarios will typically occur:

1. A prospect will simply type in a fake number so they can access your offer without giving you this information.


2. The prospect will neglect to even fill out the form altogether, which consequently means your cost per lead will go WAY up.

Thankfully there is a *Brand NEW* way to generate MORE phone leads with your online marketing without negatively impacting quality or cost.

How to *ATTRACT MORE* Phone Leads With Facebook Lead Ads

Directly above is an example of a Facebook lead ad that one of our long-time members, Kyle, recently tested for a “Just Listed” property.

With this single strategy, Kyle was able to generate 68 leads with names, emails, and phone numbers within only 19 days.

Here’s how it works:

When you use the “lead ad” objective, Facebook will create a built in webform for you, so that leads can submit their information without ever leaving the site.

What this means for you is that you don’t need any fancy website or landing page software to implement this tactic.

Additionally, Facebook will automatically populate fields on the form with information from a user’s profile.

In other words, Facebook will add a person’s real phone number, email, etc. to the form any time they have it.

That means a prospect does not have to take any extra time to type it in manually, so they are much more likely to submit the form with the correct info.

Here’s why Kyle’s ad did so well:

For best results, when featuring a specific listing it always pays to use a strong hook. In this instance Kyle used two. This property is “Just Listed” and a buyer can pick up the property for zero down.

Other ideas include coming soon listings, price reduced, motivated seller, or some other “motivating factor.”

The ad leverages a high quality image, and Kyle offers multiple ways for the prospect to connect (call/text or simply fill out the form).

And the best part is, Kyle only spent $5/day to run this ad to his ideal audience, which means he’s collected 68 leads with phone numbers for ONLY $1.43 a pop!

Now it’s your turn (-:

Take action today so you can start getting into more direct conversations with hungry “ready now” buyers FAST.

PS. Did you have a chance to pickup your own FREE copy of “ATTRACT” yet? Inside you’ll discover 4 simple steps to engage with your ideal client IMMEDIATELY…all without any cold calling, door knocking or prospecting! Read More...