Episode 20: 5 Lessons Learned From 3 Recent Customer "Trainwrecks"

Listen into episode #20 of "The Client Alchemist Show" for 5 lessons learned from 3 recent customer "trainwrecks"

As you listen in you'll discover:

- The one thing you should trust (& "listen to") in order to avoid regret in business & life.

- A counterintuitive way to make yourself EXPONENTIALLY more desirable to your ideal client...

- The single MOST important asset in business (HINT: it's NOT money)


CLICK HERE for the training mentioned at the beginning of the show (how to create a "Transaction Avalanche" EVEN if you don't have ANY listings right now).

Past episodes referenced in this:

Episode #5 - “The Client Alchemist Way” - Step #4:­ Turning CONVERSATIONS Into Clients!

Episode #17 - 9 Tips For Staying Focused & Getting The "Right" Things Done CONSISTENTLY

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Episode 19: The MOST Important Question To Ask Yourself As A Real Estate Salesperson

How you answer *this question* means the difference between having to always be selling vs. effortlessly attracting your ideal client...

Listen in and answer carefully 🙂

Episode 18: "The 7 Levels Of Achievement" - A 7 Step Process For Creating AMAZING Results In ANY Area Of Your Life!

Discover a framework you can use to create ANY empowering habit in your life in episode 18 of "The Client Alchemist Show"...

It's something I call the 7 Levels Of Achievement and it's a virtually foolproof "stair step" approach to success in ALL areas of your life.

Grab a pen & paper and listen in to this very special episode below.

Resources: CLICK HERE to watch the full presentation on YouTube. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM0M8E74yOs)

Book mentioned in the episode "The 4 Hour Body" by Tim Ferriss (http://amzn.to/1VPYVse)

Episode 17: 9 Tips For Staying Focused & Getting The "Right" Things Done CONSISTENTLY

In episode #17 of "The Client Alchemist Show" we address this question which came in from one of our long time students Tina Fournier, which is:

"My question is do you have any tips or tricks, tried and true methods for a schedule that helps with consistency? I feel like when real life, family, appointments and current transactions get in the way, I am playing catch up all the time." - Tina

This is something that we all struggle with on some level...

So listen in to discover 9 tips for staying focused & getting the "right" things done CONSISTENTLY...

Resources: To access more information on the "Audience Attraction Academy" material mentioned in this specific episode, GO HERE.

Episode 16: The Absolute DUMBEST Sales Advice Ever!?

The Absolute DUMBEST Sales Advice Ever?

Listen in to episode #16 of "The Client Alchemist Show" & decide for yourself...

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Resources: "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker

Episode 15: Are You "Building A Pipeline" Or Just "Hauling Buckets"?

Are you "building a pipeline" or are you "hauling buckets"?

This story will change the way you look at your business FOREVER & it's also the inspiration behind our PipelinePagez platform (which you can get more details about RIGHT HERE.)

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Episode 14: 43 Email Subject Line Ideas To Help You Get Into More Conversations With Your Ideal Client

When you listen in to Episode #14 of "The Client Alchemist" show you'll discover 43 email subject line ideas that you can use IMMEDIATELY to exponentially increase your open rates...

...because if your email doesn't get open it's as if it doesn't exist.

Grab a pen & paper and listen now right here:

Episode 13: How Justin Closed 220 Deals In 2015 Using "The Client Alchemist Way" & 5 Takeaways You Can Implement Immediately

Recently one of our long time students (Justin) sent in the story of how he went from 8 deals his first year in the business (in 2010) to closing 220 deals in 2015 all with the help of "The Client Alchemist Way"

Listen in as I share Justin's story AND 5 big takeaways you can implement immediately...

Resources: Check out http://HappyTimClients.com for a terrific example of leveraging stories from past clients...

Episode 12: Unplugged #4 - Using "The Client Alchemist Way" To Make More Sales And MAKE A DIFFERENCE In Your Community

Here's the Email Scripts Mentioned in This Episode

This episode of "The Client Alchemist Show" is the latest installment of the "Unplugged" series...

Today we sit down with Kurt Nowacki in Northeast Minneapolis and as you listen in here's what you'll discover:

- Why seemingly "lofty" goals for this year now seem realistic & attainable.

- A simple activity you should do (at least) quarterly that will help you SAVE money & time, while also helping you close more deals...

- How Kurt has made himself incredibly "attractive" to not only his ideal client but also to other business owner & services providers in his market.

- Why taking "the longview" is not only more profitable but also provides you with a significant competitive advantage!

- The concept of "enlightened self interest" and how to use it to create authority in your market...

This is the kind of episode you'll probably want to listen to multiple times as there are a TON of actionable items AND if you listen closely you'll find a number of lessons inside the lessons...

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Episode 11: A Personal Letter To My Parents (And 2 Reasons Why I'm Sharing It With You)

In this episode I share a *personal* letter I wrote my parents a few years back.

I'm sharing this with you for 2 very specific reasons...but you'll just have to listen to the show to find out what they are...

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