Quick Tip When Responding To Your Real Estate Leads & Prospects

Video Transcription:

Hey, what’s up? It’s Josh Schoenly with Client Alchemist and eXp Realty.

Quick tip today, for some of you it’s a tip. For some of you it’s a reminder, something I was reminded of last week about when you’re following up with your real estate leads or prospects, it’s super simple, but incredibly powerful if you do it every time.

What am I talking about?

Well, when you do the kind of marketing and deploy the kind of campaigns that we recommend and that I personally use in my business, you’re going to get a lot of prospects and leads emailing you, calling you, texting you, sending you Facebook messages, commenting on your Facebook campaigns, etc. The thing you need to remember in every one of those cases when you respond back to them, when you respond back, you should always, always, always include a question or some type of expectation for them to respond.

In most cases, a question is the easiest way to have that expectation of them responding, but you always want to do that.

If someone says, they reach out and say, is this property still available? You don’t want to just reply yes, right? You want to reply yes, would you like more information? Okay. If they ask about some kind of program that you’re offering, right? Is that program available? Yes, would you like more information? Right?

Asking questions like, what school district you’re looking for, how many bedrooms?

Any question that will continue the conversation and get them more engaged with you, right?

It’s a simple thing, right?

Really simple thing, and again, for most of you, this is a reminder.

You already know this, but I’ll be honest, I was doing some of this.

We have campaigns and ads running in all different areas, and so I get a lot of people replying and I’ve got properties available. A lot of land parcels available and people asking, is this available? I found myself sort of getting caught in this trap of just saying, yeah, it’s available. Right? How’s that going to further the conversation, right? Yes, it’s available. Would you like more information or yes, it’s available. Would you like to see the drone video we have for the property? Yes, it’s available. Would you like to know about our special financing on this property? All of those kinds of things get people more engaged, continue the conversation, and give you an opportunity at some point to get the appointment and to be able to work with them as a client.

Hopefully you found that valuable. Again, nothing like earth shattering here, right, but just a great reminder I think for all of you. If you found it helpful in any way, do me a favor and like this and please share with anyone else in our community, our real estate community, that might find this beneficial. Maybe you have new agents in your office or you know agents elsewhere. Share it with them.

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Take care and talk soon.

Quick Tip When Responding To Your Real Estate Leads & Prospects