Check out this brilliant idea shared by marketing genius, Dean Jackson the other day.

Several years ago Molson Canadian beer ran a full page ad in a women’s magazine that featured a well-dressed, male model holding puppies along with the following tagline:

The intersection of masculinity and sensitivity. His beer is Molson Canadian

Now here is where it gets REALLY interesting (-:

It turns out that Molson was leveraging this exact strategy, so that they could target men’s magazines with the following ad:

Hundreds of thousands of women pre-programmed for your convenience.

And below this headline was a photo of the ad that was being run in the women’s magazine!

In other words, Molson is communicating “Hey guys, we got your backs.”

Now, whether you love or hate Molson’s angle here is besides the point.

The reason I am sharing this with you today is because it got me thinking, how could our clients leverage this exact same idea for their real estate businesses?

And here’s the secret sauce I came up with (-:

How to ATTRACT “Come List Me” Sellers IMMEDIATELY Leveraging Molson’s Ad Strategy

The primary question you should be asking yourself is, “How can I be a real estate matchmaker?”

And the first idea that IMMEDIATELY came to mind for me was to mirror Molson’s advertising strategy above so you can *ATTRACT* potential “come list me” sellers.

Here’s how…

Step 1: Build your buyer’s list

One thing that we believe really STRONGLY in at Client Alchemist is to focus on niche offers so you can connect with hyper targeted buyers for your chosen area.

Some of these “hooks” include:

  • New construction homes
  • Price reduced properties
  • Luxury homes
  • Waterfront properties
  • Homes with pools
  • Golf course homes
  • Homes in a specific school district

Whichever hook you choose, it’s important that you setup your offer to be a “FREE weekly list.”

That way, your prospects will have the expectation to receive emails from you weekly, PLUS it sets you apart from other [insert expletives] like Zillow (-:

Step 2: Run a seller referral offer post

Here’s where it gets really fun.

Now that you’re starting to build a consistent and predictable flow of “ready now” buyers, it’s time to find them some homes to move into.

1. First, create a post on your fan page that says:

“I currently have XYZ motivated, handpicked buyers who are looking to buy [INSERT your niche offer from above] homes in [CITY/ZIP/NEIGHBORHOOD]. And every day we’re adding more to our list, which means we need inventory, FAST! Who do you know that’s looking to sell?” (-:

2. For your ad targeting, select “homeowners” and your chosen neighborhood/area(s) where these homes are likely available and then promote your post.

Step 3: Send a VIP notification to your buyers list

Now that you’ve gotten a new listing under contract, it’s time to leverage that buyers list you’ve been building. Send out your “coming soon” listing with a call to action to reply for more info.

Let them know you’re contacting them before the listing hits the market, because they are VIP’s. They will help to build desire and a sense of exclusivity.

By following these simple steps, you will be acting as an advocate for your future clients. Go the extra mile and you will quickly rise above.

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