This statement sends cold shudders down my spine, and evokes the same type of feelings I would experience if being mauled by a pack of rabid wolves or yanking my teeth out with pliers.

At least in the traditional sense of the word, which has been immensely overused and abused in every way imaginable.

For years, experts in every industry have been attempting to crack the “Google code,” (i.e. a moving target) in order to end up with first page rankings that would ideally pull in hordes of free traffic for years to come.

Real estate agents are no exception to the rule.

Get FREE Traffic?

Many brokers and single agents have invested countless hours and $1,000’s (even $10,000’s) to rank for specific keyword phrases.

Some spending less than others.

A VERY select few have fared better than most.

Of course, any time something is packaged and sold as providing “FREE” traffic, it’s tempting to throw a lot of eggs into that one basket.

I know this, because I’ve done it myself in many niches along with extremely favorable results (and a bad case of carpal tunnel).


But as soon as I turned off the heat, my small SEO empire and traffic eventually toppled along with it.

Now, there is a lot that could be argued here including the exact process I followed, my back linking strategy, etc.

Additionally, you could hire a team to manage and maintain your content for better long-term results.

However, the point still remains, which Josh Steimle sums up beautifully:

If you can’t budget for 6 to 12 months of SEO, you might be better off putting that budget somewhere else. Paying for just a few months of SEO is, in many cases, no better than throwing your money away. SEO is a long term marketing tactic, and shouldn’t be seen as a way to generate sales quickly. (Source: Forbes.com)

And if…even if you are successful, there is ZERO GUARANTEE your results will be there tomorrow (trust me).

Which begs the question…

So What’s Your 12 Month Plan?

The issue I find most alarming is when a person chooses to rely far too heavily on any one strategy to drive traffic and leads.

Organic traffic (NOTE: this is much more inclusive than “SEO”) in general can be helpful long term, but what do you plan on doing in the meantime while your sites and profiles gain authority?

I can promise you that simply “waiting it out” or blowing money on lead vendors is not the answer. What you need instead is a consistent and predictable flow of traffic and leads that you can rely on to grow your business right now.

Tell me the truth, what sounds more interesting to you?
  • Building your business while creating authentic content directed to your target audience in a natural and conversational way.
  • OR

  • Obsessing over every single blog post, article, social media update, backlink, etc. to help boost your rankings for a specific set of keyword phrases and make the search engines happy.

The choice may be obvious, but it’s not always the way agents approach content creation.

As the landscape continues to shift and change, it’s important to optimize content more for people instead of search engines.

What this means in a nutshell is you must find a way to consistently share content that will engage your audience, attract your ideal prospect and ensure they grow to like, know and trust you.

If you simply make it a priority to serve your fans, followers, and subscribers with the very best you can provide, your content strategy will flow naturally as a result.

In turn, you will create a “goodwill avalanche” of activity that will build your local authority and reach.

Here’s Your Simple 5 Step “Screw SEO” Content Strategy


This process is simple and it doesn’t require a 50 point checklist to generate results:

  1. Take that budget you set aside for SEO, and start using it to get immediate traffic and leads. Drive eyeballs to landing pages for your front end strategy, so you quickly build your pipeline of prospects and clients (this alone will DOUBLE or TRIPLE your results at a minimum).
  2. Post high quality, engaging content regularly (daily really). I’m not talking about keyword rich spam that simply ranks for the sake of following SEO guidelines. Instead, share information your audience will actually like, share, comment on and engage with. These don’t even need to be super lengthy posts… or even your own content every time. If you find something you like, share it as well and your audience will reward you for it.
  3. If you’d like, syndicate your articles, videos, images, blog posts, Facebook posts, slideshows, etc. across multiple high authority platforms for even better reach (And of course, if you have the right person you can still pay a third party to help you produce fresh content to distribute on your sites).
  4. Use your email list and retargeting to consistently bring back your leads, fans, and audience to your fresh content to stay top of mind.
  5. As you naturally seek to serve your audience, you will also begin to rank for many long tail keyword phrases and show up in other searches on other platforms outside of just Google by keeping your strategy targeted (although this shouldn’t be your primary goal).

When you follow these proven steps, not only will you grow your business and local influence FASTER, but you will naturally build a more stable long term asset too.

PLUS, you won’t find yourself constantly stressing over fickle rankings or what Google decides to do with their next algorithm change.


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