Struggling with “lead conversion”? This should help.

Video Transcript:

We hear very often from real estate agents that their biggest struggle is with “lead conversion”. Turning leads or prospects into actual clients, actual transactions. If this is something you’re struggling with as well, then I think this video is going to help you.

Here’s the deal. If that is something you’re struggling with it’s really one of three things. It might be a combination of the three, but it really comes down to three things, okay. This is kind of simplistic, but I promise you, if you understand this, it will help you address the problem and figure out the solution.

Potential Problem #1 is actual lead quality. Now, most people will immediately say that is the #1 problem, right. That’s like, the immediate reaction is that well, it’s just the leads aren’t any good, Glen Gary Glen Ross. It’s the leads, right.

The reality is that’s just one of three possible issues, okay. A potential real issue because there are different sources of leads the quality can vary. The way we address it at Client Alchemist is the way we do our targeting. It’s a layered approach of geographic, demographic and interest targeting, and because of that we have seen lead quality improve over time the point where the lead quality that our clients and our partners are getting on a regular basis is as good or better than we’ve ever seen from any source at any time, okay. If you’re having a lead quality issue you might need to look at the service provider you’re working with or the process that you’re following and figure out what’s missing there, what’s not right in that situation. That’s number one.

Potential Problem #2is your follow-up procedures and protocols. IT’S CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to look at this (your follow up) objectively.

Are you following up in a timely fashion?

Are you consistent with your follow-up, both immediate, short-term and long-term or I would say all of those three.

Are you following up immediately or is it close to immediately as possible?

Are you following up in the short-term or are you following up in the long-term?

Not only are you doing those things, but the actual strategy that you’re implementing when it comes to following up. And, this perspective or mindset shift might help you…

Many, many times when we talk with people that are struggling to convert, they are actually consistently following up, but the strategy that they’re using, in fact, I shot a live video last week about this, that you may think you’re doing the right things in the right way, but you’re really not. In fact, you may be repelling clients from you.

One way to think about this is all you’re trying to do, all you’re trying to do with your follow-up is spark a conversation, ANY conversation, so that you can determine, number one, can you help this person and number two, how and when can you help this person? I think too often we can get hung up on trying to sell the person through our follow-up. Okay. That’s not what it’s meant for. We’re just trying to start a conversation. Number one, a lead quality problem. Number two, a follow-up problem.

Potential Problem #3 could be your mindset. It could be the perspective and the expectations that you have for this process. This one is typically the least problematic, but we do talk with people who are actually getting fantastic results, but their perspective is skewed…

They may have expectations that are not in tune with reality when it comes to “lead conversion,” and I put that in quotes because we believe, we don’t like that word conversion. We use the word converse or conversations because that’s what this is about. It’s about getting into conversations to build rapport and relationship, to determine can I help this person and how can I help them?

If you are struggling with “lead conversion” I would sit down and objectively look at those three things, lead quality, follow-up procedure and protocols and your perspective and expectations.

If you’re not sure about those and have questions about those or would like to dig deeper on that you can comment below or schedule a free strategy session HERE.

We’d be happy to talk that through with you and maybe provide you a different perspective or some thoughts or ideas on that.

Struggling with “lead conversion”? This should help: