Looking for more FREE & organic ways to connect with your ideal audience?

Then check out this post that Harry shared in our private Facebook group directly above.

After posting this to his fan page, Harry was able to generate 250 reactions, 92 comments from potential buyer clients, “Likes” to his page, and a TON of high priority conversations.

And here’s the real kicker…he didn’t spend $.01 on any advertisements.

This post *Attracted VIRAL* engagement all on it’s own, simply because Harry leveraged the power of story.

Now with that said, imagine how much more would be possible if Harry chose to boost this post via Facebook ads as well.

But in any case, this post was a GRAND SLAM.

So let’s take a deeper look into exactly what Harry did, so that you can start to leverage this own strategy IMMEDIATELY to attract more potential buyers for your business.

3 Step VIRAL “Special Financing” Facebook Post Formula

Step 1: Choose Your Hook & Tell Your Story

This is where the magic happens, so it’s IMPORTANT that you choose the right HOOK first. In Harry’s instance he used an example from one of his USDA direct loan sales.

But the cool thing is, you can choose any type of special financing offer to make this work.

It can be zero down financing, a special grant program, down payment assistance, etc. Just make sure that whatever you choose will help you produce a result like Harry did for his client.

The rest is easy, because you simply tell a story of how you helped your client.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s advised to provide the proper disclosures when necessary. You could also tweak your copy to be less direct such as, “Her purchase price is over $150K and she’s paying less than her old rental payment.”

Step 2: Irresistible Intrigue

Next, harry transitions to what the program is called but leaves his audience in suspense.

This is a smart strategy, because it leaves the audience in suspense and requires them to reach out directly to receive the exact details about the program.

Step 3: Call to Action & Follow Up

Finally, request for those who’re interested to “Like” your page and comment with “I want to know!”

Then, simply click the blue “Message” link next to each person’s comment, and send them a private message to begin the conversation.

You could simply write, “Thanks NAME for your interest in our special financing program. To go over more details and to see if you may qualify what is the best number (or email address) to reach you at? Mine is 123-456-7890.

Don’t forget to also “reply” directly to their comment and say, “I just messaged you. Please check your inbox.”

Now, for those who don’t reply to you within 48 hours, you can send another message that says, “Hi NAME, just wanted to make sure you received my last reply. When would be a good time to speak and answer any questions you may have?”

For best results, go and take action on this idea IMMEDIATELY. And don’t forget to pick up your FREE copy of our Amazon bestseller below while you’re at it ( ;


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