When it comes to Social Media Management, there’s a lot of options to choose from. It’s hard to know which company to use, but today we’re here to help. We’ll be comparing two of those companies: City Blast and Back At You.

1. Man vs. Machine

Who would you rather trust with your social media management? A man or a machine?

While Back At You’s automated posts are relevant to your market area, they are also broad and meant to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Since it isn’t mentioned who is making the post, they can also come off as impersonal.

CityBlast, on the other hand, has a team of social media experts who search for posts that are relevant not only to your market area, but also your individual interests and niche.

Advantage: CityBlast

2. Style of Content

Whether you like posting inspirational quotes or hard facts and data, your social media management company should be able to accommodate you.

CityBlast allows you to choose from 7 or 15 different types of content (depending on your membership level). Also, before your content is posted you’ll have the chance to review the posts and make any changes you’d like.

Back At You, simply put, has none of that. The posts are generic in nature and while you can adjust the schedule or delete upcoming posts, you do not have any control over the content.

Advantage: CityBlast

3. Cost

Both companies have a two-tiered system. Back At You Basic starts at $99 while CityBlast CB One is only $39 a month. Back At You Pro is $149 a month while CityBlast Complete is $99 a month (or cheaper with an annual or bi-annual membership).

Back At You Basic allows you to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with their Basic program but CityBlast CB only covers Facebook (you’ll need CityBlast Complete to post on Twitter and LinkedIn).

However, both tiers of the Back At You programs only allow you to post every other day. City Blast allows you to post 3 times a week with their basic package and 7 times a week with their higher tier service.

Taking in to consideration that CityBlast Complete is the same price or less than Back At You Basic and has all the advantages we’ve already discussed, CityBlast is clearly the better value.

Advantage: CityBlast

If you’re looking for social media management with a personal touch at a reasonable price, CityBlast is the company to use. While Back At You does offer a hands-free social media experience, CityBlast allows you to add your own personality and preference. That’s why we’re giving CityBlast two big thumbs up.

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Weighing Your Social Media Management Options: CityBlast vs. Back At You