WARNING: Do not watch this video if you’re drinking anything. Doing so may cause you to spray your computer screen with water, coffee, or wine when you laugh out loud.

I’m serious. It’s that funny.

If you’re a fan of Ellen you already know that in addition to being an immensely popular talk show host she is also a huge lover of the real estate business.

She loves it so much, in fact, that she decided to get her writer Jamie (aka “Renata: The Not Real Realtor”) to troll unsuspecting open house attendees with some hilarious pranks.

“Last week I set up hidden cameras at a house in Burbank and I sent one of my writers there. She dressed up as a realtor named Renata and it’s a segment we’re calling, ‘Renata: The Not Real Realtor.'”

This has got to be not only one of the funniest real estate videos online, but maybe the best “hidden camera” video as well.

You’ve already watched the video, right? If not, go do that now!

Just make sure you’re not drinking or at church while you do it. You’re going to laugh or your money back. (The video and this blog post are both free, by the way.)

The video not only makes you laugh, it’s also educational. Here are a few practical tips Renata teaches us about what NOT to do at an open house.

1) Don’t Scream at the Top of Your Lungs

Sit right here. I want to show you that these doors are actually sound proof.


Just a second.

Did you hear me?


2) Don’t Sing. Ever.

This is the dining room.

I love the chandelier.

3) Don’t Say THIS When You’re Showing the Master Bedroom

OK. Here is the Master Bedroom.

4) Don’t Offer to Show the Homeowner’s Underwear

Oh, do you guys want to see something really funny?

5) Don’t Make a Blowfish Face on the Windows

Here is a great feature of the house, if you guys have kids.

Did the video make you laugh? If not, check your pulse.

Assuming you’ve still got one, let us know what you thought of it in the comments.

Have you ever experienced anything near that level of awkwardness during an open house?

We want to hear your story!

Leave us a comment below.

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