Wait, did you just say there’s a NEW Rapping Real Estate Agent Rap Video with a Realtor Rapping in it?

I think this video just made my day. Never mind that the first time I saw it was a few days ago. My mind is still blown every time I watch it.

Israel R. Varela has smashed his way on to the real estate rap scene with his hot new single, “Real Estate Baby.” This guy is poised and ready to set the internet on fire with his song.

If you don’t believe me, let’s play these lyrics back and measure their hipness on the “Vanilla Ice Hipness Scale.”

Real Estate Baby

Yo, Izzy V! Let’s Kick it!

Real Estate Baby
Real Estate Baby

All right, look, it’s your favorite Realtor
Israel is here and no one else can do it better

Hipness Level: Vanilla Ice Wearing a Hat in “Cool As Ice”

Another satisfied client
Searching for your dream home negotiating prices
The market is hot, yo, you already know
Don’t get discouraged the last house sold

Hipness Level: Vanilla Ice Swinging Nunchucks in “Cool as Ice”

Tell me your dream home and I’ll go searching
Until we find it I’ll never stop working
That’s what you told me you needed
I found a dream home now you need to go see it

Hipness Level: Vanilla Ice Rapping in “Ice Ice Baby”

Guaranteed you’ll have plenty
You won’t be outbid as long as you follow my strategy
Make a decision no time to waste
Better take my advice these home sellers won’t wait

Hipness Level: Vanilla Ice Dancing in “Ice Ice Baby”

If there was a better home, yo, I’d find it
Check out my reviews while your offer I type it

Real Estate Baby
Real Estate Baby

Hipness Level: Jim Carrey impersonating Vanilla Ice

Client Alchemist Talks with Israel R. Varela

Client Alchemist had a chance to speak personally to Israel about his video and what motivated him to make it.

“I was brainstorming ideas to generate a buzz for my real estate business. Before I got into real estate I used to be a rapper, but hung it up to focus on real estate…I came up with the idea of doing a parody song to Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ re-titled ‘Real Estate Baby.'”

Israel is a fan of various rap artists including Eminem, Lecrae, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Pitbull, and many more. Regarding rap music Israel has this to say,

Israel makes online content that comes from the heart. He said this about his content creation strategy,

When we asked him about awesome future projects he’s working on, he had this to say,

Definitely put Israel on the list of “Rapping Realtors to Watch in 2017.”

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