Video Transcription:

It’s time POP QUIZ time!

Now, don’t get flustered though because I’m actually going to give you the answer…

Alright, here goes:

What’s your number one asset as a real estate sales professional?

The number one thing you should be focused on growing each and every day, in my humble (but accurate 🙂 opinion.

I’ll give you a few seconds to write down your answer.

Now, if we were sitting in a classroom and I asked you for responses I’m certain we’d get a wide variety of answers, but from my experience, and again, in my humble opinion the correct answer is this…

Your number one asset is your your buyers list!

Your buyers list, and you should be growing this list every single day.

Now, whether or not you agree with me I would challenge you to check out this entire post because I’ll walk you through five reasons why I believe this to be true.

Reason #1: When done correctly, and I’m going to show you our definition of correctly in the next few days, but when done correctly it’s absolutely the fastest way to attract clients who can and will close quickly. We’ve had many, many students over the years who’ve put together deals in a matter of days, and even in some cases the very same day, implementing the process and the system that I’m going to walk you through in part 2 of this blog series.

Reason #2: 20-40% (OR MORE) of the buyer leads you generate following our process will be what we call “sellers in disguise”, which means you’ll have the opportunity to create multiple transactions from a single lead or prospect.

For example, Phil Duke, one of our long time students. He posted this in our Client Alchemist Connect Group, this is one of our many pro member benefits. Phil says, “388 new subscribers in the last seven days, three of which have already disclosed that they’re needing to sell their current homes after the holidays. One out of town referral so far. $160 for this campaign and it’s just over half way through. These results are absolutely mind blowing.”

So, even in a very small period of time Phil had identified amongst those leads a number of opportunities of multiple transactions. Plus, there’s a little trick that you can use to ensure that the VAST MAJORITY of buyer leads you generate are also a potential seller or a seller in disguise, and I’ve got more on that later, but what I’m saying is, typically, 0% to 40% of all buyer leads are also going to be sellers in disguise. We’ve got a trick of how you can ensure the VAST MAJORITY of them are, if you so choose to implement.

Reason #3: You can sell more houses with the push of a button.

Obviously, you still have to meet with interested parties, show houses et cetera, but what I mean is, once you’ve built and continue to build your list you can get clients chasing you simply by sending carefully crafted emails. Send an email and craft it correctly, done correctly you’re going to get people chasing after you, emailing, calling, texting you, wanting to do business with you. Make sense? Good.

Reason #4: You can leverage your buyers list to demonstrate value on listing appointments. It’ll differentiate you from your competition and demonstrate to the potential seller your ability to market their home. I mean, particularly on expired listing appointments, and just in general a lot of the general public thinks that the reason homes don’t sell is because they weren’t marketed correctly.

Now, that is definitely a reason, it’s not the only reason. And when you do this, when you show them your buyers list, what you’re demonstrating is that you’ve got an ability to market, and that you can do everything possible to expose their property, their listing to the greatest amount of potential buyers possible. It takes away a major, major objection, and it’s also something that I can virtually guarantee, the majority, if not all of your competition isn’t doing.

Reason #5:  You can leverage your buyers list to attract sellers to you, for example, our long time student Justin. Now, I’m going to outline and walk through Justin’s complete story in a future post in the next couple of days, but Justin, within a very short period of time, following the process that I’ll outline for you in tomorrow’s post, was able to build a list of buyers. And then take that list, leverage that list, and go out and acquire and attract new construction builders. Builders in his area, of which, ended up being multiple, many, many, many transactions each year from one client. And this was all made possible because he built, and continued, consistently and continually building his buyers list. He could demonstrate value to potential sellers, and in this case, new home builders.

Now, hopefully by now you understand the value in growing your buyers list, and like I said, in tomorrow’s post I’m going to show you our six step process of doing that, as I mentioned, and our six step process for building your buyers list quickly and consistently. But, for those of you who are ready to get started right now I’ve got a very special offer for you. It’s called the Buyer Leads By Tonight 3.0 4 Week Bootcamp & you can get the full details and get enrolled right now HERE.

Your #1 Asset As A Real Estate Professional?